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When Should I Schedule My Furnace Maintenance?

You’ve probably heard time and time again from your local HVAC company that a furnace maintenance is important to schedule every year. Despite being told this, most homeowners forgo maintenance as long as the equipment is working as it should be. However, just like your car needs regular oil changes, your furnace needs regular tune-ups. In this blog, we will cover the importance of furnace maintenances, what a maintenance entails, and when you should schedule yours.

Why Are Furnace Maintenances So Important?

Furnace maintenances are important for a number of reasons. First, they prolong the life of your system. The better shape your furnace is in, the longer it will last. In fact, annual maintenance can prolong the life of your heating equipment by up to 10 years. Second, it’s important to the health of you and your family. Your furnace circulates warm air throughout your home, but if it’s not well-maintained, it’ll circulate dust and other particles, too.  By catching small problems before they become serious and costly, you’re improving your safety and comfort. Thirdly, it helps prevent repairs. Did you know up to 70% of heating repairs can be prevents with proper maintenance? Neglecting maintenance can lead to expensive repairs, breakdowns, and other problems that are easily avoidable. And last but not least, it helps improve efficiency. Your furnace needs annual maintenance to run efficiently. A dirty air filter, for example, can decrease efficiency because it restricts airflow and causes your entire HVAC system to work harder. That’s why we recommend you change your air filter every 1-3 months.

What Does A Furnace Maintenance Entail?

A professional HVAC technician will arrive at your home, ready to perform a number of maintenance tasks. They’ll make sure your unit is clean and free of mildew, mold, dust, pollen and other contaminants that impact your health and overall indoor air quality. They will check and clean the burners and heat exchanger, replace any dirty air filters, lubricate the blow fan motor bearings, and check the electrical connections throughout your system. Most technicians, like the ones at Cool Touch, will also check your ductwork and closely inspect your air handler to make sure they’re working properly, too. A furnace maintenance, when done professionally and properly, will ensure your system runs efficiently and remains effective for years to come.

So, When Should I Schedule Mine?

Now for the million dollar question – when should you schedule your annual furnace maintenance? The best time of year to schedule yours is before you need your furnace the most. A lot of homeowners wait until winter, or until an HVAC breakdown happens, which isn’t recommended. The last thing you want to deal with is no heat on the chilliest day of the year. We recommend you schedule your maintenance in the early fall and conversely, your AC in the early spring. That’s because HVAC technicians are less likely to be tied up and busy with emergency calls around these times and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get on the schedule right away.

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