Does My Air Conditioner Need To Be Covered In The Winter?

We get asked this question a lot: does my air conditioner need to be covered in the winter? Long story short, no – but there’s a lot more to it than just that. We cover everything you need to know about covering your AC in the winter, below.

Your AC Was Built For Snow

Truthfully, modern air conditioning units were built and designed to handle tough weather conditions. They were made with weather-resistant materials. That being said, they’re usually able to withstand everything from rainfall to snow to high summer temperatures. In fact, you shouldn’t be as concerned about snow and rain as you should be about debris and leaves. In fact, if items like leaves, branches, pine needles, and other debris build-up in or around your unit, it can cause damage and impact the overall performance of your AC unit.

You Should Cover Your AC – But Winter Isn’t The Time To Do It

Like we mentioned briefly above, what you should really be concerned about is leaves, branches, and other debris getting trapped inside your air conditioner. And you know what time of year you’re most likely to experience that? Fall. That’s why you should consider covering your AC in the fall, to avoid having any of the typical fall debris get lodged inside your unit. However, before you cover your unit, you want to make sure the unit is off for the season. You also want to make sure you weigh the pros and cons of covering your unit. For example, AC covers tend to trap moisture and cause mold growth. Not only that, but they could also cause pest problems, as small animals try finding a warm place to hide when the temperatures drop. But on the contrary, it can protect your unit from expensive damage – which might mean covering the unit is worth it, after all.

What If I Experience Heavy Snow and Ice Where I Live, Though?

Depending on where you live, covering your unit in the winter might not actually be the worst idea – especially if you experience heavy snow and ice. Covers can protect your outdoor condenser from ice build-up and the weight of heavy snow. People who live in the north often do invest in covers just as a precaution to protect their AC unit. However, like we said, your AC unit was built to withstand the elements and isn’t something that we deem a true necessity.

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