Your AC May Get a Short Break—And You Can Help It Out at This Time

Right now the Valley is looking at cooler temperatures, which means it’ll be about 70°F on most days. This is one of the reasons so many people flock to Phoenix and Scottsdale for their winter holidays! It’s warm but not boiling hot, so it’s a perfect getaway spot when brutal cold tears through other parts of the country.

In our last post we discussed why heating maintenance is still important for our winters. Today we’re shifting back to air conditioners in Glendale, AZ, because this is the time of the year when you’ll have both your AC and the heating system turned off for stretches. This is a great time to make upgrades and schedule important services for an AC, and our technicians have less-cramped work calendars so we can easily find time to help you out.

Below are ways you can help out your AC during the time when it gets a bit of a vacation from the Arizona Anvil of the Sun.


Maintenance? Did you forget that in the spring? Still time for it!

The best time for air conditioning maintenance is spring before the major heat strikes. If you missed it, you may think that December is far too late for it. However, AC maintenance is necessary each year, so you still have time to get it done. Don’t wait until next spring, because you’ll have let an entire year go past without this essential service. Our technicians can give you advice on when to have your next appointment after this one so you’ll be back on track.

Lingering malfunction? Now is when to get it fixed!

Did your AC act oddly during the past few months? “Odd behavior” can include the following:

  • Strange noises, like grinding, hissing, bubbling, or excess clicking
  • Weird odors from the vents, such as musty or acrid ones
  • The AC shutting on and off rapidly
  • The AC takes longer to cool the house and leaving hot spots

These are all indications of some malfunction that needs to be investigated and fixed before it becomes a major problem. Have our AC pros check out the system and see what needs repairs.

Add zone controls!

This is a big upgrade, but if you have a large house and you’d like to 1) save on cooling costs, 2) stop people feuding over the thermostat, and 3) enjoy more even cooling, it’s a good one to consider. We can retrofit your HVAC system to allow you to control which rooms receive cooling and which don’t.

Get a better thermostat!

If you still use an old manual thermostat or a no-frills digital thermostat, it’s time for a change. Our professional technicians can help you upgrade to the latest in Wi-Fi and smart thermostats that can help you take more precise control over the temperatures in your house. These thermostats do a lot of the thinking for you, and that thinking can help you save money without sacrificing comfort.

Replace the air conditioner!

This is the extreme end of the spectrum, but if you have an air conditioner that’s more than 15 years old or has become extremely expensive to run and repair, then there’s no time like December to arrange to get a new one.

Call Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for whatever AC services you need. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool.