You Will Want to Know These 6 Indicators of a Heater Repair Need

Have you ever been in a situation during which prior planning really saved the day? Maybe it was making sure you had your seatbelt on before someone rear-ended your car, or perhaps just remembering to bring your lunch to work so you didn’t go over budget this month. Thinking ahead can be a great way to protect yourself–and it can help keep you comfortable too.

If you know how to recognize the many warning signs of a heater in need of repair, it gives you a chance to act before things get worse. That sounds like a good idea, right? Let’s look at the 6 warnings signs that your heater might develop to alert you to a problem so you can get repairs before it costs your home comfort.

6 Warning Signs of Heater Trouble

Have a system in need of professional heater repairs in Prescott? Here’s the warning symptoms that will let you know that you need to call in the experts.

1. Odd noises from your heater

Your heater shouldn’t make a ruckus when in use. Aside from the usual sounds it emits, such as the whoosh of warm air and maybe some clicking during start-up, noisy operations indicate trouble. Be on the alert for sounds like hissing, continuous clicking, rattling, banging, or screeching.

2. Your heater is smelly

You want to stay warm but it is a process that makes your house reek. That isn’t normal. The smell of burnt electrical wires or smelly socks are both scents that should have you reaching out to us. You may have frayed wires, a clogged condensate line, or another problem that we can help fix.

3. The airflow in one or more areas of the home is weak

When you walk into a bedroom or even the living room do you notice it seems cooler because there is little to no warm airflow? If so, it is best to reach out to a professional. There is a strong chance there is a problem with your heater such as leaking ducts, fan issues, or a clogged air filter.

4. Your energy bills have gone up

Running your heating system shouldn’t increase your energy bills higher than usual. It is best to keep an eye on your energy bills to watch for spikes or large increases in your monthly totals. These changes will be an alert to warn you of a problem with your system.

5. The heater has irregular cycles

Make sure to keep tabs on how long your heater is running. If it runs in spurts of only a few minutes, it may be short cycling, leaving you cold. On the other hand, if your heater never stops running, you have just as big of a problem on your hands. Make sure to get a professional to check your system out if you notice irregular heating cycles.

6. Your heater can’t quite seem to get things warm enough

Of course, if you have a system that isn’t heating your home enough, or even at all, then you will want a technician to check it out. There is a multitude of issues that can lead to this but the most effective solution for them all is professional repairs.

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