New year’s resolutions are a chance for you to set new goals and develop new habits. While you may be thinking of your personal resolutions, and how you can take better care of yourself this year, why not think about how you can also take better care of your plumbing system? Here are the top 6 new years resolutions for your plumbing system.

1. Be Careful What To Flush Down Your Toilet

A toilet is designed to handle two things and really two things only: toilet paper and waste. Avoid flushing anything that’s considered “non-flushable”, like cotton balls, hair, toys, garbage, paper towels, diapers, and feminine hygiene products. You should also consider refraining from using “flushable” wipes because they don’t break down as easily in your sewer system and can clog your pipes.

2. Fix Leaks Right Now

Do you have a small leak you’ve put off fixing? Make the new year the time to have it fixed! A leaking faucet or weird sounds from your pipes can all be small signs of a much bigger problem. Fixing leaks and addressing problems, no matter how big or small, will help you avoid high water bills and water damage.

3. Throw Out Your Chemical Drain Cleaners

Start the new year off right by throwing away all store-bought chemical drain cleaners. These are no good! Most drain cleaners contain toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to your health, but can also be harmful to your pipes. No matter how tough your piping material is, these drain cleaners can eat through the pipe itself while trying to clear the clog. Instead, hire a professional for routine drain cleaning – like Cool Touch!

4. Flush Your Water Heater

Make sure you are flushing and draining your water heater frequently. This can help prevent malfunctions, costly repairs, and even breakdowns. Flushing your water heater can help remove any mineral, dirt, or sediment build-up that has accumulated over time.

5. Pay Attention To Your Water Quality

Do you notice your skin drier than normal? Your hands feeling cracked? Your hair not feeling clean no matter how much you wash it? Does your water taste funky, and do you notice stains on your dishes? You may be dealing with hard water and poor water quality. One way to resolve this problem this year is to invest in a water filtration system.

6. Be Kind To Your Garbage Disposal

Treat your garbage disposal better this year. It’s important to remember that garbage disposals aren’t a replacement for a garbage can. Refrain from putting items, such as coffee grounds, bones, grease, fat, oil, pits, fibrous vegetables, potato peels and more down the drain. These items can cause damage to your blades, or lead to clogs.

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