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Staying Warm While Waiting For Repairs

Your heater is having problems but, not to worry, a technician is on their way to fix things. We’d love to be able to arrive immediately after you call us but sometimes that just isn’t possible. So how do you stay warm while you wait?

We don’t just provide expert heating repairs in Prescott, we also provide helpful advice to ensure you stay as comfortable as possible while you wait for us to arrive. Read on to learn some tried and true methods to help you stay somewhat comfortable while you wait for your heater to get back into working order.

1. Bundle up

If you haven’t already, it is time to get out your warm clothes and layer up. A tank top, long sleeve shirt, and sweater combined with fuzzy socks and thick sweatpants are sure to help keep you toasty until the heater turns back on.

2. Cook warm food or drinks

Eating and drinking warm things is a surefire way to raise your core temperature and help you feel warmer. Try some hot tea or hot chocolate. Or perhaps you want to break out a recipe for a good hot meal. Cooking warm things to eat also allows you to benefit from the heat created in the kitchen by the stove or oven.

3. Gather everyone in the same room

Have you noticed that a room full of people is warmer than a room with a single person in it? That’s something to use to your advantage. Gather everyone together in the same room and watch a movie or enjoy some games together. You’ll be entertained and end up staying warmer too.

4. Enjoy the sunshine

Do you have windows that receive direct sunlight for a few hours each day? Let the light in! Opening blinds or curtains to allow natural sunlight in is a great way to warm up a room or two in your home. Gather everyone in these rooms to really make the most of the sun’s radiant heat.

5. Do some dancing or exercise

There’s no time like to present to start that New Year’s Resolution to be more active. We get it if you aren’t hot on the idea of going outside for a run. But you can enjoy some exercise and added movement indoors to warm yourself up. Turn on some music and have a dance party or try a new workout routine to help heat things up.

When you need to stay warm but your heater isn’t cooperating, it can be a pain to deal with. With the above tips though, you at least have some easy and somewhat fun ways to stay warmer while waiting for a professional from our team to get your heater running again.

Reach out to our team for expert repairs that will get your heater up and running again in no time. We guarantee your satisfaction whenever your work with our technicians. Every member of our team is always open and honest too.

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