Video Pipeline Inspection Services in the Prescott Valley and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas

One of the crucial components of your plumbing is the sewer line that runs from your house, underneath your property, and out to the street where it joins the municipal sewer system. The utility company is responsible for the sewer main, but you must take care of repairs and other services for the sewer line where it lies under your property. Repair work for damaged sewer lines is an extensive job that requires highly trained professionals with the best equipment.

Pipeline inspections are a key part of taking care of the sewer line, as well as the other drains in your home. In Central Arizona, you can call on the certified plumbers at Cool Touch to handle examining your pipelines with special video inspection equipment. We will determine if your pipeline has troubles such as leaks, breaks, or root infiltration, and then determine the most efficient and effective way to solve the problem.



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Video Pipeline Inspection

Our Professional Video Pipeline Inspection Services

Drain pipes for the sewer line are constructed for durability, but they can still suffer from damage and require repairs or replacements. This is especially true for older pipes constructed from iron or galvanized steel, which are prone to corrosion over time. If you live in a house built pre–1970, you should have the pipeline checked to see if is corroded.

Other common issues that can afflict pipes are tree and plant roots growing into them and damage from ground–shifts due to natural disasters or construction. Should you experience drainage problems in your house or notice damp, sewage–smelling spots on the lawn, you should schedule inspection from professionals right away.

You cannot handle this task on your own, and you certainly cannot take care of pipeline cleaning on your own either. You need to contact a professional plumbing service that uses high–end plumber snakes and drain snakes and has the skill to use them. Look for a plumber who can handle complete drain inspections and cleaning.

How It Works

The basic tool of any pipe inspections is the snake camera. This device consists of a miniaturized camera and powerful LED light mounted on a fiber optic cable. The cable is long enough to allow the camera to run the length of a pipeline from your house all the way to the municipal system in the street. The camera sends back images to a monitor, and the plumber uses this data to determine what is wrong with the pipe and the locations where it is affected.

For example, if root intrusions from trees growing nearby are causing blockages in the pipeline, the plumber can figure out where it is occurring and how bad the problem has grown. This allows the plumber to plan out the best way to eliminate the roots without causing larger disruption to your property.

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If you have aging pipes that may be made from outdated material, or if you suspect that the sewer line is experiencing obstructions or leaks, contact The Cool Touch to arrange for pipeline inspection services. We have the best equipment available and a team of certified plumbers who will give your pipes a thorough inspection to pinpoint what work you need to have done to restore your plumbing to the best condition possible.