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HVAC Contractors in Peoria, AZ

For more than 10 years, Cool Touch has been a leading provider of installation, maintenance and repair services for major home comfort systems throughout the Peoria, Arizona region. If you are concerned about the status of your home’s HVAC or plumbing systems or would like a professional to inspect them, contact Cool Touch today to learn more about our services.

Air Conditioning Services 

For Arizona residents, it is important that your air conditioner provide ample cooling for 9-10 months of the year. For this reason, we offer a range of top of the line air conditioning installation services designed to match the specific needs of your home. Whether you need a new split or packaged air conditioner installed or you are interested in having annual maintenance performed on your existing system, contact Cool Touch for reliable air conditioning in Peoria AZ throughout the long summer.

Heating Services in Peoria, AZ

For all your Peoria AZ heating needs, call Cool Touch today. We can install a new furnace or heat pump or take over maintenance duties on your existing system. We can also provide emergency heating repairs in Peoria AZ 24/7 if your system ever stops working and if you decide you would like to change the type of heating system you use, we can work closely with you to select one that fits your budget.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air quality in Peoria AZ can be a major issue for those that already suffer from upper respiratory distress from allergies or asthma. If someone in your family is suffering because of high levels of pollen, dander or dust in your home, call Cool Touch today to learn about our air cleaner and UV germicidal light services. We can also keep your ductwork clean to ensure the system works as intended without excess pollutants.

Staying Cool in Peoria, Arizona

The weather in Peoria, AZ is incredible. With average lows in the winter just above 50 degrees and more than 300 days a year of sunshine, the area is a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors. But there will be times when the heat is more extreme than others or when you need to step inside and relax. When that happens it’s important that you have a reliable, well maintained HVAC and plumbing system to keep you comfortable.

Whatever your HVAC or plumbing needs in Peoria, Arizona, contact Cool Touch today. We can install a new system, keep your existing one running like new or repair a malfunction quickly.

Plumbing services too!

Did you know Cool Touch can also help with all your plumbing needs, give us a call at our partner company: The Trusted Plumber.