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Remember To Knock Out Your Heating Maintenance!

The weather is starting to cool off again, at long last. This can be a relief for those of us that were getting worn out by the heat. However, it also means that now we are going to be focusing on keeping warm rather than keeping cool. As you prepare to switch from cooling down your home to heating it up, we want to give you a reminder: don’t forget your maintenance appointment!

Even if you haven’t started using your heater every night at this point, you should get maintenance done as soon as possible. The earlier you get this service taken care of the better it will be for your comfort and for your home budget. Let’s dive into the reasons why maintenance is well worth the investment and knocking it out early is a great idea.

How Maintenance Helps Your Heater

Heater maintenance in Prescott Valley is highly beneficial to your heater’s wellbeing and to your savings efforts. Here are the perks that a yearly tune-up can provide.

  • Improved performance: Your heater may have been off for several months but that doesn’t mean that last season’s efforts didn’t have an impact on it. Maintenance helps ensure that your system can start this year’s heating season off strong with great heating performance.
  • Optimized efficiency: Maintenance also helps your heater do its job in a more energy-efficient manner. Without a yearly tune-up, your heater is likely to lose up to 5% of its efficiency, and that adds up when you get your monthly bills.
  • Increased safety: A well-maintained heater is going to be safer to operate than one that isn’t well cared for. This is especially true for homes with a gas furnace that can become dangerous in later years if it isn’t maintained regularly.
  • Fewer repair needs: Repairs can take up a lot of time and money, especially if they are frequent. Instead of worrying about needing repairs this season, schedule maintenance keep repairs to a minimum, and keep them more affordable.
  • Lower energy bills: Lastly, maintenance is going to help keep your energy bills more affordable than they would be otherwise. This ties into the improved energy efficiency and performance of your system. You shouldn’t have to worry about huge energy bills when you run your heater regularly.

Why Getting a Tune-up Now Is a Good Idea

Wondering why you can’t wait until later in the year to schedule a tune-up for your heater? Well, you can, actually. The problem with waiting is just that it may take longer to get a time slot for a professional to come by to visit as more people will be getting their maintenance (and possibly repairs) taken care of too.

When you knock out maintenance now, you will enjoy prompt service that fits within your schedule. And, of course, that means less stress for you, too! You can make things even better on top of all this when you sign up for our maintenance program.

Reach out today to get your maintenance appointment set up with a professional technician.

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