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Water Treatment Systems Installation

Glendale Water Treatment System Installations by Cool Touch

The first step is to test the water supply in your home and then match a system to the specific contaminants found in that water. Because every home is different in terms of the water being supplied and the pipes inside the home that can contribute to water issues, we carefully analyze water on a house–by–house basis.

Common problems include water hardness, high levels of chemicals from water treatment like chlorine, strange smells from gasses in the water, and sediment from old pipes or ground water sources.

There are specific ways to treat each of the above problems including filtration, reverse osmosis, and cartridge treatment for chemical issues. Your home’s water treatment system installation will be catered to what we find during these tests so we can ensure those contaminants are properly removed. Call the Phonix plumbers at Cool Touch to learn about water treatment in Glendale, AZ. Contact Cool Touch today!

Glendale Water Treatment System Installation

Once we determine how to approach your water system, we will start the installation process. For most homes, the best course of action is a whole house water treatment system, installed just after your main water line to ensure all water in your home is purified. This will alleviate the effects of hard water and chemicals in all water, including in your shower and your sinks.

The installation process can be performed relatively quickly, though after installation we recommend that you have your water treatment system further inspected multiple times to ensure it is treating water properly. In many cases, it may not be calibrated perfectly after installation or the contaminant levels might shift, and we will adjust the system to match those changes.

Whatever your Glendale water treatment system installation needs, call the experts of Cool Touch today to receive professional service that matches the specific needs of your home. We can test your water supply, ensure we have the right treatment systems in place and then install them expertly so you can use your water without concern for hardness, chemicals or other contaminants.

Lifetime parts and labor guarantee on any repairs done by Cool Touch Technicians as long as you are an active service agreement customer.

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