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HVAC Contractors
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Sump Pump Services in Glendale from Cool Touch

Should your home start to experience a water leak, you need to act quickly. A water leak, whether from being below the water grade or from the infrequent rains that occur each winter in the area, can be a major issue if not properly dealt with. Instead of trying to have your home sealed up, however, a popular and effective solution to the problem is a sump pump.

Cool Touch offers comprehensive Glendale sump pump installation, maintenance and repair services. This ensures your home is free of excess water, whether in the crawl space beneath your home or in a partial basement or first floor of your home. Call the Glendale plumbers at Cool Touch for all of your sump pump needs including sump pump installation and maintenance. Contact Cool Touch today!

Glendale Sump Pumps

The first step in installing a new sump pump is to identify where the water is entering your Glendale home. We do this and then install a pit that will gather water from this area. The pit will fill well before the water starts to enter those areas of your home and, as a result, it will flip the switch on the sump pump.

The pump itself can be installed either in the pit as a submersible pump or on a pedestal outside the pit. A float sensor will detect when water starts to rise and then the pump will activate, pumping the water into a pipe attached to the sewer line (or into the street if city ordinance bans sewer drainage of sump pumps).

Glendale Sump Pump Installation

To install a sump pump we must first determine the source of your water problem and where best to install the device. This is usually the lowest point in your home, whether in a basement or in your garage or a crawlspace. We may also install French drains or another tool that will channel water from around your home into this pit so that it doesn’t have the opportunity to build up anywhere else.

The sump pump itself is relatively easy to install and can be done in a single day. Ongoing maintenance is highly recommended, however, to ensure the system keeps running as it did when installed.

Glendale Sump Pump Maintenance

Maintenance of a sump pump includes checking the system for possible signs of wear and tear. We fully inspect the pump, remove any excess debris that has built up around the pump and thoroughly test the pump to ensure it is working properly. This can be done by you as well by pouring 2–3 gallons of water into the pit and making sure the pump turns on and removes it.

Whatever your Glendale sump pump needs, call the experts of Cool Touch today for professional service in your area.

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