Plumbing Repair Services in the Prescott Valley and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas

Do you have a leak? Does your water heater fail to perform exactly as it should? Do you find that your water pressure is inadequate? When it comes to bringing your plumbing system back to life, it’s important that you hire a professional.

If you’re looking for The Trusted Plumber, then you’ve come to the right place. The Trusted Plumber might have changed names, but we’d never compromise on service. We offer repair services throughout the Prescott Valley and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas, and our skilled technicians can handle just about anything. No job is too big or small when it comes to restoring the comfort and convenience of your home. After all, when plumbing problems strike, they can severely disrupt your home life. You may find yourself with water all over the floor, with insufficient hot water for your showers, or with a major sewer line clog that shuts down your entire plumbing system. We can provide a solution.

We employ dedicated team members who work hard every day to ensure that our customers have sufficient potable water as well as a safe and effective means of water disposal. When you call Cool Touch for service, you can be confident in the service that you receive. Call us today if you need plumbing repair in Central Arizona. We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you with emergency plumbing services.


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    24/7 Emergency Service

    There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioner break down in the middle of those scorching hot summers in the desert - or your furnace in the middle of a chilly, winter night. When this happens, it’s important that you have someone on call who can quickly visit your home, inspect the problem, and repair it before it starts to cost you money – and your comfort. Fortunately for you, Cool Touch offers 24/7 emergency air conditioning and furnace repair services and can ensure your system is back up and running fast.


    Plumbing problems are never convenient. What’s worse is when you have problems after hours and can’t get a plumber out to your home right away. Luckily, at Cool Touch, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repair services for this reason. When your plumbing is in need of repair, it’s important that you have someone on call who can quickly visit your home, inspect the problem, and repair it before it starts to cost you money. With our emergency repair services, we can ensure your system is back up and running fast.

    Plumbing Repair

    Our Plumbing Repair Services

    If you find that your plumbing system is worsening from wear, then don’t keep that information to yourself. The sooner that you catch problems with your water supply or wastewater piping, the better off you’ll be. Allowing problems to linger in your home typically only leads to further damage and therefore higher costs. It’s just like having a toothache; do you think by not going to the dentist, it will get any better? This is all the more reason to keep an eye on your system for any signs that you need plumbing repairs.

    So what should you look for? As a general rule of thumb, anything out of the ordinary indicates that something may have changed, and it could be for the worse. There are a few signs that your plumbing system may be in need of repair, including:

    • Decrease in water pressure
    • Hidden leaks
    • Water stains on the ceiling
    • Visible water leaks
    • Clogged drains
    • Lack of hot water

    The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber for Repair Services

    It’s important that you hire a trained and certified plumber to take care of your plumbing repair services; that is, of course, if you want the job completed correctly. While we understand the DIY enthusiasm of many of our clients, attempting to repair the issue yourself could leave you with a much larger problem than you started with. You could even damage other components and wind up with more costly repairs when you finally do call in a professional. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional:

    • Expert guidance
    • Safety reasons
    • Access to the proper tools and supplies
    • Saves you more money
    • Up-to-date training and equipment
    • Years of experience
    • Efficient services

    Contact Cool Touch Today For All Your Plumbing Repair Needs in the Prescott Valley and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas

    At Cool Touch, we’ll take care of your plumbing repair needs quickly and properly. You can count on our team of professionals to complete the job right the first time. Contact Cool Touch today to schedule service with a background-checked, drug-tested and highly-skilled plumber.