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HVAC Contractors
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Pipe Replacement Services in Glendale from Cool Touch

There are quite a few pipes in your home and while the vast majority of them are suitable for decades of continuous use, some may be showing signs of wear or exterior damage. Some may even be old enough to need replacement based on their age alone.

Whatever the condition of your pipes, call the Glendale plumbers at Cool Touch today for all of your pipe replacement needs. We can help you select the perfect replacement for your home and ensure they are properly installed for decades of future use.

When Is Glendale Pipe Replacement Necessary?

The first step is to recognize when your pipes need to be replaced. There are three common reasons why this might be the case. The first is simply due to age. Old pipes were made with materials that corroded faster and therefore, if you live in an older home – built before the 1970s – you may need a replacement. Signs of old pipes include iron piping in your home, more than one leak in a pipe per year or significant rust or corrosion on the pipes in your home.

Another common sign you need Glendale pipe replacement is that your pipes are flaking off inside or you’ve lost water pressure due to the buildup of scale and mineral deposits over time. Some of this can be repaired by a plumber, but if severe enough, it may require pipe replacement. You should also consider a water treatment system in such cases to alleviate the problem in the future.

Finally, your pipes may be damaged from exterior things such as moving, pests, or improper installation leading to damage as your home settles. This can often be repaired as well, but you should consult a plumber first.

Glendale Pipe Replacement

Once you decide it is time for pipe replacement, call us to setup a time to inspect your home and develop a replacement plan. We will look at your pipes and determine how best to replace them – whether in a single procedure or an ongoing replacement process that is done in small batches.

We can help you select which type of pipes are best for your home as well. Copper is often recommended because it is pliable, non–toxic and durable for much longer than other metals like iron. You can also use PVC plastic for drain pipes as it is very durable and doesn’t suffer the same clogging or build up issues as pipes made of metal.

Whatever your decision, Cool Touch is here to remove your old pipes and replace them with new, high quality piping that will keep your home supplied with fresh water for years to come. Call us todayto learn about our Glendale pipe replacement services and what we can do to ensure your plumbing system is in good, working order.

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