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HVAC Contractors
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Main Water Line Services in Glendale from Cool Touch

The main water lines supplying your home with fresh water are extremely important. If not properly cared for, they can develop problems over time such as rust or corrosion that can lead to a loss of water pressure, small leaks, or major burst pipes. That is why proper installation and maintenance of your home’s water lines are so important.

To learn more about Glendale main water line installation, maintenance and repair services for your home, call the Glendale plumbers at Cool Touch. We offer a full range of services for everything in your home and can ensure it works like new for years to come. Contact Cool Touch today!

Glendale Main Water Line Installation

Your main water line was installed in your home when the house was built. Unless it has been replaced since then, which is possible if the home is old enough, it is likely the same pipe that was there when the house was constructed. So, if you have concerns about that water line or it starts to show signs of its age, it may be time to have your water line replaced with a new one.

Common signs of aging water lines include corrosion on the outside of the pipe, slowed water pressure due to a build–up of scale and minerals inside the pipes, or numerous repairs to patch leaks or cracks in the pipe. Also, because cast iron is a material that has not been used in pipes in many years, having cast iron pipes should serve as a warning sign as well.

If any of these things happens and you are ready to discuss the options available for pipe replacement, give us a call and learn more about our water line installation services.

Glendale Main Water Line Repair and Maintenance

While replacement is certainly an option for aging pipes that are clearly well past their prime, you can keep newer pipes in good working order with regular maintenance and repairs as needed. Maintenance service is highly recommended for any home with a water line that has not been inspected within the last year. In fact, annual maintenance to flush your pipes, inspect for exterior damage, and test for pressure can greatly increase the lifespan of that water line.

If there is a problem, you can also call us for immediate repair services on your water lines. We can ensure your water lines are in good working condition and that they will provide ample, reliable water for years to come. We are on call 24/7 for emergency calls, as well, in case your main water line breaks and needs to be repaired immediately.

Whatever your Glendale main water line needs, call the experts of Cool Touch today for immediate, professional service.

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