October Is National Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month (And We Can Help!)

If you polled a hundred people about what comes to their mind immediately when they think of the month of October, 90% would answer, “It’s National Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month, of course!” The other 10% would say “Dracula.”

We’re joking of course. You probably just learned this moment that October is National Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month. But that only means that NIAQAM is working to get out its message! And that message is that indoor air quality in homes and businesses is often poor, but there are many ways to improve it.

We want to celebrate October by helping you to enjoy the best indoor air quality for your house. We’re offering several special deals on quality air purifiers: call our office to learn details about our air purifier promotions.

Is my air quality really in such bad shape?

It might be! Low air quality has become an increasing problem across the US over the last few decades, and today the EPA recognizes it as a major health concern. With more people spending time indoors than ever before, indoor air quality has become a focus point for many homeowners and HVAC contractors.

The rise in indoor air quality problems is due to two factors:

  • Modern homes and commercial buildings are constructed with energy efficiency in mind. This means buildings are often airtight, allowing for little fresh air circulation. Indoor contaminants build up without any easy way to escape.
  • There is a larger number of sources of indoor pollution today than ever before. Building materials, hobby products, cooking products, cosmetics, paints, varnishes, printer cartridges, and more send chemicals and volatile organic compounds into the air. It’s not easy to get rid of the source of contaminants; it’s better to find ways to ventilate the contaminants or eliminate them.

If you want to find out for certain if your home needs indoor air quality assistance, call our team. They can find out what pollutants are in your house and the best way to get them under control.

Air cleaners

What can we do to help you this October to make National Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month a success? We offer several options, but the first one you’ll want to investigate is an air cleaner.

Air cleaners, such as the powerful Reme Halo, are electrically powered devices that remove unwanted pollutants from circulating through the HVAC system of a house. These aren’t like the portable air cleaners/air purifiers you place in a room. These air cleaners are far more effective and they provide air cleaning for the entire house.

All the air circulated through the HVAC system must pass through the air cleaner, where a combination of ionization, filtration, and UV radiation remove more than 98% of the unwanted contaminants. These air cleaners are safe and easy to maintain, and you can expect to get many years of cleaner indoor air after we install one for your house.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the Reme Halo and our other options for air cleaners in Glendale, AZ.

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