Best Indoor Air Quality Solutions in the Prescott Valley and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas

If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, something as simple as dust or pollen floating around your home can inflame their respiratory problems. In fact, poor indoor air quality can be quite a big problem for a multitude of reasons, which is why it is important that you’ve got the right combination of indoor air quality systems in place. Breathe easier with indoor air quality solutions you can count on from Cool Touch.

Cool Touch offers a wide range of indoor air quality systems and services for homeowners throughout the Prescott Valley and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas. We design our indoor air quality services with your comfort in mind, and we will work hard to match you with the systems that are going to make a difference. Not only will you breathe easier, but your air conditioner will thank you too!

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    24/7 Emergency Service

    There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioner break down in the middle of those scorching hot summers in the desert - or your furnace in the middle of a chilly, winter night. When this happens, it’s important that you have someone on call who can quickly visit your home, inspect the problem, and repair it before it starts to cost you money – and your comfort. Fortunately for you, Cool Touch offers 24/7 emergency air conditioning and furnace repair services and can ensure your system is back up and running fast.


    Our family-owned business hasn’t been around for over 20 years without reason. We are built on a philosophy that informs every job we do and ensures we keep our clients happy. Every time someone calls us for HVAC, plumbing, or indoor air quality services, they do so knowing that they will receive the best in quality products and installation alongside a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We also make sure to give you fully honest options that are custom-tailored to your specific home comfort needs.

    Indoor Air Quality

    Our Indoor Air Quality Services

    At Cool Touch, we offer a variety of different indoor air quality products and services, including:

    • Air Cleaners
    • Humidifiers
    • UV Germicidal Lights
    • Ductwork

    Air Cleaner Services

    There are many ways to keep your family comfortable, one of which is with an air cleaner that purifies your indoor air and removes contaminants like dust, pollen, and dander. There are a number of different types of air cleaners on the market today and our team can help you select the model that is going to best meet your unique comfort needs.

    Cool Touch installs and services a variety of air cleaner systems to give you and your family greater comfort and efficiency. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team is sure to help you with whatever your indoor air quality needs are.

    Air Cleaner Options

    When it comes to air cleaners, you have some options. There are two major types of air cleaners to choose from.

    1. Mechanical Air Cleaners

    Mechanical air cleaners are designed to remove larger particles like dust, pollen and dander from your indoor air. These mechanical air cleaners work by moving air over a media filter in which anything larger than a certain size is captured; the finer the filter, the smaller the particles that are captured. In some cases, HEPA filters can capture contaminants as small as 0.3 microns, meaning it removes almost all dander, dust, pollen and mold spores that pass through it.

    2. Electronic Air Cleaners

    Electronic air cleaners offer further protection by actively removing gas and smoke particles through a process known as ionization. This process charges the particles in the air and separates them from the air flow. It only works well for those smaller particles, however, so it will not be effective alone for common allergens like dust.

    Air Cleaner Installation

    Once you select an air cleaner for your home, installation is a relatively simple process that can be done in a single day. The air cleaner is installed directly into the ductwork of your existing HVAC system to ensure that it treats the entirety of your indoor air.

    Whatever your indoor air quality needs are, know that Cool Touch is here to ensure your family is comfortable and healthy. Call us today to learn more about our air cleaner installation, maintenance and repair services.

    Benefits Of Installing An Air Cleaner:

    • Cleaner and healthier air
    • Reduce germs by filtering out bacteria and viruses
    • Reduce amount of dust, pet dander, and other pollutants in the air
    • Help eliminate or reduce allergy or asthma symptoms
    • Remove odors

    UV Germicidal Light Services

    There are a number of ways to clean and purify the air in your home. One of the most effective ways is to remove bacteria and viruses from inside your ductwork before they can circulate fully into your home. This is done with a UV germicidal light and the process of installing one is relatively quick and easy.

    Fortunately for you, Cool Touch installs and services UV germicidal lights for homeowners throughout the Prescott Valley and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas. We fully believe that everyone deserves to be comfortable and healthy inside their homes, which is why our indoor air quality services are designed to do just that.

    What Are UV Germicidal Lights?

    Ultraviolet light is a specific wavelength of light that we cannot readily see. It is present, however, when we go outside during the day and because of this we can feel its effects. UV light is so powerful that it causes damage to cells when they’re exposed to it for a long enough period of time. We experience this when we get sunburns by standing in the sun for too long.

    This very concept is applied in the use of a UV germicidal light to target the cell structure of bacteria and viruses and destroy them as they pass through your ductwork. Because the dose is small and because it is inside your ductwork, it is completely harmless to anyone in your family or any pets, but it will instantly kill germs as they pass through.

    Benefits Of UV Germicidal Lights:

    • Curbs mold and bacterial growth
    • Reduces the spread of colds and flus
    • Reduces unpleasant smells
    • Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Saves you money on electricity costs
    • Improves your indoor air quality

    Call Us for Better Indoor Air Quality in the Prescott Valley and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas

    In the market for increased indoor air quality? We are ready and happy to help you! From installing and maintain air cleaners and humidifiers, to replacing these air quality systems when the time comes, we make sure to give you the best service possible and always provide you with the truth on what is going on with your system.

    With over 20 years of service to Prescott Valley, AZ and the surrounding areas, you can trust that we know what residents need to enjoy improved IAQ. We plan each and every job carefully and make sure to leave your home as clean as it was before we arrived.