September is baby safety month and the perfect time to think about how best to babyproof your HVAC system! Young children and babies are curious, and want to touch anything and everything. To keep them out of harms way, here are some ways to protect them when it comes to your heating and cooling unit.

1. Secure Vent Covers

Do you have metal vent covers? Babies are attracted to shiny objects – like metal! Unfortunately, metal vent covers tend to have sharp edges that can cut little fingers and toes. Not only that, but if the covers aren’t secured tightly, your baby may be able to pull up on them. The last thing you want is for your baby to get cut, bruised, or injured in another way by running around with your vent cover. Secure it in place by screwing them down so they can’t be lifted up and taken apart by curious little hands.

2. Switch To Plastic Registers

The thought of a metal vent cover hurting your pride and joy got you feeling uneasy? There are other options – like ditching the metal vent covers and switching to plastic. Plastic vent covers still do its job, but without the risk of injury. With plastic registers, there’s also not really a need to screw them down so that frees up some of your time.

3. Toy-Proof Your Ducts

If you’re a parent, then you know all too well that you find toys and other objects in the most random places. By adding screening to your ductwork, you don’t have to worry about small little toys getting dropped in there.

4. Keep HVAC Remotes Put Away

Just like shiny objects, babies and young kids love to push buttons – literally. Make sure your HVAC remotes are stored away so your little one can’t grab it and mess with it. Not only can they turn your heat up and down and mess with your settings, but handling the remote unsupervised can be dangerous. The last thing you want is for them to accidentally swallow the remote battery and cause serious injury.

5. Be Careful With Your Outdoor Unit

While you don’t think much about your outdoor unit, if you have an “on-the-go” tiny little human running around, then you may want to start paying attention to it. The unit has sharp, spinning fan blades and live electrical wiring that are most certainly not babyproof! To avoid any potential harm, consider fencing in your outdoor unit or enclosing it in a lockage cage so it’s untouchable by your little one.

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