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Furnace Installation and Replacement Services in Glendale

A furnace is a very effective means by which to heat your home. But to provide ample heating and ensure your family is as comfortable as possible, it needs to be properly installed. It should be properly sized to your home, and the necessary upgrades to run it at full efficiency should be made at the same time.

If you are ready to for Glendale furnace installation and replacement services, now is the time to contact Cool Touch. We will work with you to select the perfect furnace for your home and then expertly install it so it runs properly for years to come.

Glendale Furnace Installation and Replacement

The first step is to select a furnace for your Glendale home. There are a number of factors to consider here. First, you need to decide what size furnace works best for you. While many people mistakenly think that a larger furnace is always better, the truth is that your furnace should be sized "just right" for the size and layout of your home.

Too small and your furnace won’t provide enough even heating for your entire home. Too large and it will turn on and off frequently as it blows a large blast of hot air then cools down over and over again. Not only does this create an uneven heating environment, but it can put unnecessary stress on your furnace which leads to an early need for repairs or replacement.

Next, you need to select the efficiency level for your furnace. Gas furnaces are quite efficient these days, with AFUE ratings of up to 98%. However, the cost of a high efficiency furnace is much higher, not only for the device, but because of the upgrades needed in your home to support it. Keep this in mind when selecting a model that fits you budget.

Glendale Furnace Installation and Replacement

Once you’ve selected a furnace for your Glendale home, it’s time to install it. We will remove any existing components from your home, including the old furnace, your air handler if it is being upgraded and any old chimney flue components that need to be replaced.

We will then make necessary upgrades to the supplemental systems in your heating system including the ductwork, air handler and flue. After this is done, we will install your new furnace and start the process of running diagnostics to ensure it is working properly. This entire process can usually be done in a day, though an extra day may be needed if substantial upgrades are needed for proper ventilation.

Whatever your Glendale furnace installation and replacement needs, call Cool Touch today. We offer a full range of furnace services throughout the region and will work with you to ensure your home is well heated for years to come.

Lifetime parts and labor guarantee on any repairs done by Cool Touch Technicians as long as you are an active service agreement customer.

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