Do I Really Need Heating Maintenance in Phoenix?

Phoenix and the other cities in the Valley aren’t known for their winter weather. Just the name “Phoenix” implies fire, and to the rest of the country this is known as a location of brutally hot summers and warm winters that make it a popular vacation spot to escape from the snow. This may make it seem silly to think about having to prepare the heating systems in our homes for the winter. We offer heating maintenance in Glendale, AZ and the rest of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, but many people might wonder if it’s something they should bother with.

We wouldn’t offer heating maintenance as part of our Ultimate Service Agreement (which includes air conditioning and heating maintenance service annually) if we didn’t know it was useful. Below we’ll explain why.


Yes, it can get cold in Phoenix!

Phoenix never experiences cold temperatures below freezing, but the winter nights in the desert can sometimes get quite cool. Temperatures in the 40s are common from December to February, and that’s cold enough that homes will often need a heater running. If your home’s central heating system has to do any work during the season, it needs maintenance before the cold weather arrives.

Maintenance is an important safety measure

If you have a gas-powered furnace to warm your home, you absolutely need to have professionals maintain it each year. Otherwise, the heater may develop safety issues such as carbon monoxide leaks. Even electric heating systems may develop fire hazards if they don’t have professional inspections each year to catch potential problems. Maintenance is an investment in your family’s safety as well as its comfort.

Maintenance helps you spend less on the heating you need

You may not run your heating system often during the year, but you don’t want to have to pay more than necessary for the times you do. A heating system that sits unused for much of the year will get dusty and inefficient unless it has professionals to give it a regular cleaning and tune-up in the fall. Without this service, your heater will start to cost more to run, raising your heating bills by 5% per annum. That means you could start paying 25% more after only a few years.

You’ll avoid many repair calls thanks to maintenance

You don’t want to turn your heater on each season and then have to call to get it repaired. Maintenance prevents more than half of the repairs a heating system might otherwise need, and that means you’ll save money on repairs as well as enjoy more convenient and consistent performance from the heater.

Maintenance keeps the warranty valid

You don’t want to have to pay to repair or replace a heater that malfunctioned because of a factory fault. You have a warranty to protect you from this. But the warranty will only remain valid if the heater has regular professional maintenance.

Sign up for the Ultimate Service Agreement

You can relax about your heating maintenance when you sign up for our Ultimate Service Agreement. This program takes care of both your heating and air conditioning maintenance each year—plus other special benefits. If you aren’t yet a member, sign up today and we’ll get started on your heating maintenance in time for winter.

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