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What Are The Top Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump?

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What Are The Top Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason. They’re efficient, effective, and can provide year-round comfort – in summer and in winter. If you’re looking for a great alternative from your typical heating and cooling system, consider a heat pump. Here are the top benefits of installing a heat pump in your home.

1. Heating and Cooling Combined

A lot of people have a furnace for heating and an air conditioner for cooling. But what if you could have one system that does both? Heat pumps can provide your home with warmth during the winter, and cool air during the summer. With a heat pump, there’s no need to buy multiple systems.

2. More Energy-Efficient

If you had the chance to save on energy bills, you probably would – right? With heat pumps, you use less energy, which in turn reduces your monthly spend on energy bills. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat pumps can reduce your electricity use for heating by about 50% compared to furnaces and baseboard heaters. This is because of how heat pumps work. They move air from one place to another. In the winter, they take the warmth out of outdoor air and transfers the heat into your home. In the summer, it does the opposite: takes warm air from inside your home and moves it outside.

3. Long Lifespan

When you take good care of your heat pump, they can last a very long time. Well-maintained heat pumps can last up to 15 years. Like with all your appliances, having your heat pump serviced and maintained will help ensure it lives a long time. Take care of it – and it will take care of you!

4. Controls Humidity

When a heat pump is operating in cooling mode, it works to reduce the moisture in the air. Cooler air can’t hold as much moisture as warmer air. Not only can they help control humidity, but they can also help improve the indoor air quality by filtering the air. You’ll be able to benefit from lower humidity levels in your home, and improved home comfort with a heat pump.

5. Reduces Carbon Emissions

Heat pumps reduce your carbon emissions and helps the environment. The fact that heat pumps are eco-friendly is a major selling point to homeowners across America today. No fossil fuels are used for the heat pump to be able to operate, which means there are no fumes being released into the air.

6. Less Maintenance Required

Unlike your other HVAC units, heat pumps don’t require a lot of TLC. While you should plan to check your unit still at least once a year to ensure everything is in good working condition, usually a professional inspection isn’t necessary every year. Minimal maintenance required for heat pumps is a benefit to homeowners that are looking to save money.

Cool Touch Is Here For All Your Heat Pump Needs In the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas!

We are here for all your heat pump needs in the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas! For over 20 years, we have been your trusted home comfort specialists for all things HVAC, plumbing, and indoor air quality. Whether you need to schedule a heat pump service, maintenance, repair, replacement, or installation, we’re the ones to call. Contact us today to schedule your appointment by visiting us online here.

Signs It’s Time To Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

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Your water heater works hard for you day in and day out. Without it, you wouldn’t get to enjoy a steaming hot shower after a long day. While they’re designed to last for many years, eventually replacement and/or repair is inevitable. It’s important to know the signs to best determine whether it’s time to repair or replace yours.

Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Water Heater

Many homeowners prefer to look at repairing before replacing. After all, repairs can be much cheaper than total replacements. Here are just a few signs it’s time to repair your water heater.

1. Your Water Isn’t Hot

If you step into the shower and it’s ice cold, or you turn on the faucet and it never warms up, then you know you have a problem with the water heater. In some cases, this could be an indication of mineral deposits blocking the heating element, which calls for professional repair services.

2. Your Water Heater Is Leaking

Leaks that are minor often just indicate a repair. However, if a leak is significant enough and causes enough damage, your plumber may suggest a replacement.

3. Water Discoloration

Usually, water discoloration is a sign that your water heater has started to corrode and rust. This indicates an issue with your water heater and should be looked at by a trained professional.

4. It’s Making Strange Noises

When your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced, it may start to make strange noises. If you hear banging, cracking, or popping sounds, then contact a plumber right away.

5. The Water Won’t Drain Through The Drain Valve

If sediment and mineral deposits build-up in your drain line, then this makes it impossible for your water to drain out through the valve. This is why flushing your water heater at least once a year is so important. If significant damage is caused, it will require a complete replacement. However, if caught early enough, only a repair may be necessary.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Water Heater

If your water heater is beyond repair, then a replacement will be necessary. Here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time for a replacement.

1. Old Age

Is your water heater older than 10 years? If so, then it may be time for a replacement.

2. High Energy Bills

No one likes high energy bills. If your water heater is too small, and not able to keep up with the household demand for hot water, you may see a rise in your monthly bills. Usually, this means you may want to install another water heater, or a bigger one.

3. Frequent Breakdowns

Do you have your local plumber on speed dial? If your plumber has been coming to your house a lot over the last few months to repair your water heater, then it’s probably more cost effective just to replace it.

4. No Longer Provides Hot Water

While this could indicate a repair, it could also indicate a much bigger problem. If you’re no longer getting hot water, then it’s a good idea to phone your plumber to decide if a replacement or repair is necessary.

5. Leaking Hot Water Tank

If a leak is small, then it could be easily repaired. However, significant leaks may call for a replacement.

Is It Time To Repair or Replace Your Water Heater? Cool Touch Is Here For All Your Water Heater Needs In the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas!

We are here for all your water heater needs in the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas! For over 20 years, we have been your trusted home comfort specialists for all things HVAC, plumbing, and indoor air quality. Contact us today to schedule your appointment by visiting us online here.

Top 6 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning For Your Home

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Top 6 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning For Your Home

If you’re like most homeowners, you likely run to the store to buy drain cleaner at the first sign of a clog. However, store-bought drain cleaner can actually do more damage to your pipes – and not work as well as you might think. Investing in a drain cleaning service from a professional is the better choice. Here are the top 6 benefits of professional drain cleaning for your home.

1. Proper Drainage

One of the biggest benefits of professional drain cleaning is that your drains will be able to clear water much quicker. Using state of the art technology, a professional can remove any blockages more efficiently – no matter how big or small. This technology is equipment that homeowners don’t have and can’t buy at the store.

2. Saves You Time and Money

If you’re experiencing clogs often, then you’ve likely spent a fair amount of money on drain cleaners – and an equal amount of time trying to get rid of the clogs yourself. When you hire a professional to maintain your drains for you, you have less of a chance of encountering time-consuming and costly issues down the line. A professional drain cleaner can help you avoid problems such as burst pipes, contaminated water and high water bills.

3. Long-Term Effectiveness

Your plumbing lasts longer with routine care. Using store-bought drain cleaner is essentially like slapping a Band-Aid over the problem – it’s a temporary fix and often times, the clogs come back. However, with routine drain cleaning from a professional, you can be confident that your plumbing won’t break down over time. Have a professional come inspect and clean your drains annually to enjoy the long-term effectiveness.

4. Eliminates Foul Odors

When your drains get clogged, they’re usually accompanied by some very foul odors. These odors can come from food that’s caught in your kitchen drain, or hair and soap scum in your shower drain. Even if you think you’ve unclogged the drain in question, that smell can still linger. However, when you hire a professional drain cleaner, you can say goodbye to those icky smells. The drain cleaning helps remove the buildup and lingering odors, leaving your drains smelling (and looking) clean.

5. Helps Prevent Clogs

Opting for a drain cleaning service can help prevent your drain from clogging – again! If ignored, or not addressed properly, clogs can become a recurring problem. However, when you schedule routine drain cleanings, you can ensure your drains are in tip top shape and free of clogs for years to come.

6. Improves The Health Of Your Home and Family

Like we mentioned previously, store-bought drain cleaners are a big drain-NO. In fact, they can be very damaging to your plumbing and leave your home smelling like chemicals. On the contrary, a professional drain cleaner will use products that improve the safety of your home and the health of your family.

Schedule Your Professional Drain Cleaning Service With Cool Touch Today. We’re Here For All Your Drain Cleaning Needs In the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas!

We are here for all your professional drain cleaning needs in the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas! For over 20 years, we have been your trusted home comfort specialists for all things HVAC, plumbing, and indoor air quality. Contact us today to schedule your appointment by visiting us online here.

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget About Your Air Conditioner This Year

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Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget About Your Air Conditioner This Year

Spring is officially here, and for most of us, spring cleaning is well underway. As you organize cabinets, declutter unused closets, and dust off lights and blinds, make sure to add AC to your list! There are many things you can do to make sure your air conditioner is in tip top shape to help you get through the summer. Here are some spring cleaning tips!

1. Test Your System

It’s likely your air conditioner has been off since winter. Early spring is the best time to test your AC unit to make sure it’s in good, working condition. The last thing you want is to go to turn it on in the summer, only to find out it’s not working properly. Testing it early will allow you to schedule an appointment with your HVAC technician well before you really need your air conditioning.

2. Seal Your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can create many problems throughout the year by letting outside air in, especially if there are any gaps or holes – even small ones! Not only can this cause discomfort, but this can also lead to high energy bills if not addressed. By sealing your windows and doors, you can ensure that none of the air coming from your AC gets out – and no warm and humid air gets in.

3. Clean Your Air Vents

Your return air vents can accumulate a decent amount of dust and dirt as air passes through. By using a rag or vacuum, you can remove any dust buildup that could be impacting your air quality. If left unaddressed, these dust particles will get blown out of the supply vent, making its home on your carpets, furniture, bedding, and other places of your home.

4. Remove Debris From Around Your Unit

Do you have an outdoor unit? Make sure there’s nothing obstructing the airflow! Go outside and remove any weeds, rocks, trees, branches, plants, or other debris around your unit. You can also take your hose and rinse off your unit. Overtime, leaves, grass, and dirt can collect on top or on the sides of your AC unit. Removing any obstructions is important because if there isn’t proper airflow around the outdoor condenser coils, your AC unit could not only overheat, but it could also break down.

5. Schedule An AC Maintenance

Every year, it’s recommended that you schedule an AC tune-up. Much like you wouldn’t drive a car 10,000 miles without changing the oil, you shouldn’t go more than a year without an AC maintenance. A routine maintenance has many benefits, including:

  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Provides better indoor air quality
  • Ensures greater comfort all season long
  • Fewer costly service calls and repairs needed
  • Prolongs the life of your AC system

Schedule Your Air Conditioner Maintenance With Cool Touch Today. We’re Here For All Your HVAC Needs In the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas!

Whether you need an AC maintenance, repair, service, or installation, we are here for all your needs in the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas! For over 20 years, we have been your trusted home comfort specialists for all things HVAC, plumbing, and indoor air quality. Contact us today to schedule your appointment by visiting us online here.

March Means It’s Time to Think About an AC Tune-Up

March Means It’s Time to Think About an AC Tune-Up

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about spring, the start of the baseball season and doing our spring cleaning. Now we can also add another task to that list: checking the air conditioning in our homes to make sure they’re ready to keep us cool when the temperatures begin to rise.

This is especially important if you live in an area like Arizona, where the weather is so hot and dry that your air conditioner runs almost all year long. If you’re looking for information about air conditioning maintenance, here’s what you need to know.

There Is Intense Heat in Arizona and It Comes Early

Temperatures in Arizona can range from as low as 40°F during December to as high as 104°F during July. Extreme heat can cause air conditioners and heat pumps to work harder than in other parts of the country.

This leads to shortened system life, higher energy bills, breakdowns that leave you without an efficient heating system, and invalid warranties. Prevent these issues by setting up maintenance today. You’ll save money down the road!

Benefits of AC Maintenance

An HVAC unit is one of those projects that require more care and attention than most because it provides so much value and impact on your comfort. A professional tune-up should give peace of mind rather than stress over late detection. Here are the benefits of regular AC tune-up:

1. Longer system life

Air conditioners are pretty heavy-duty; built to last a long time, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore yours. By regularly changing filters and cleaning out debris, you can ensure your air conditioner is running well for years down the road.

And if it does end up having problems, early detection is critical. In some cases, a tune-up can help alleviate issues before they become big problems.

2. Fewer Repairs

A regularly maintained AC system works effectively and you’ll rarely need to have it repaired. It may go a year or so without the need of repairing or replacing anything.

3. Higher energy efficiency

There’s always a tradeoff between saving money and convenience, but when it comes to your air conditioner, there’s no reason to have a choice. Regular tune-ups will help you take advantage of everything your system can do—including higher levels of energy efficiency that may not be possible without them.

3. Keep the warranty valid

When you buy a new air conditioner, there’s likely a manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor in case something goes wrong down the road. While most warranties are relatively easy to keep on track, one of the best ways to stay in good standing is routine maintenance with an contractor.

5. Less chance of an abrupt system breakdown

Sometimes, even when we’re paying attention, things can still go wrong without us knowing it. That’s why routine maintenance is vital. It helps ensure your air conditioner stays in good shape and that you’ll be able to get out of a problem quickly when it happens—and for less money than you might expect.

Call a Professional

It’s always a good idea to have a professional check and maintain your AC unit. If you don’t have your AC system looked over every now and then, especially in March when the temperatures are extreme, you could risk significant problems down the road.

Call Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating—Your Expert HVAC Contractor Serving the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Metropolitan Areas.

Your Rising Heating Bills May Be Due to Duct Leaks!

When it comes to heating your home, the air ducts are the parts that transfer the air throughout your rooms. During winter, if you feel like it takes a long time for your home to warm up, there’s a chance that there is a leak somewhere in the duct system. The good thing about this issue is that repairs can be quick and simple.

However, sometimes leaks are hard to find, so calling a professional should certainly be the first thing you do if you suspect one.

The negative impact of duct leaks

When it comes to duct leaks, there are a number of problems that they present. Here are five of them.

Added electricity bills

Remember, the entire heating system in your home is based on what the thermostat tells it to do. If it registers that the heat is too low, it will turn on. If it’s too warm, it’ll turn off. When air leaks out of the duct and into the attic or roof, your home won’t be as warm as it should be, which means the thermostat will keep the heat coming. This means a cold home and an expensive monthly electricity or gas bill. The warm air you have already paid for is doing nothing by keeping your attic heated or warming up the inside of your walls.

If this is the case, you need to get a professional in to fix the problem. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Poor air quality

When there are leaks in your heating system, the air quality in your home is compromised. This means that dust and allergens can invade your space, which is far from ideal for someone with allergies.

If you have a leak, the system will suck up dust and distribute it around your home in no time at all. That’s good for no one!

Uneven heating in your home

Leaky ducts pose a problem when it comes to distributing heat evenly in your home. When there is a leak, the air will escape to the room with the least resistance, which means that some rooms will get warm while others will get cold. This means that you’ll be constantly adjusting the temperature inside your home to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

It also means the system will have to work extra hard to get the heat into the colder areas, which means an overworked system and an increased bill.

Clogged air filters

When it comes to the heating system in your home, the air filters are important components in making sure that the heat is transferred correctly. They also prevent dust and debris from getting into the ducts where they can cause damage.

If you have a leaky duct, this will mean that the filters will get dirty quickly, which means a system that is not performing at its best. This can cause a component to break and lead to an expensive repair.

System failure

As we mentioned above, if parts of your system are compromised, such as the filters, you risk certain components breaking down and either needing a repair or a replacement. This is a costly exercise that can be avoided if you move quickly to test and seal leaks in your heating system.

If you need to test and repair duct leaks in your home, you’ve come to the right place—we’re experts when it comes to ductwork in Glendale, AZ.

Call Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating—Your Expert HVAC Contractor Serving the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

The Importance Of Changing Your System Filter

The Importance Of Changing Your System Filter

You want your heater to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. There is more than one way to do this. One thing that many homeowners overlook doing though is changing their HVAC system filter.

Your filter is an often underestimated but highly important part of your system. It protects your heater and keeps it running for a lot longer than it would without this level of protection.

Our question for you is whether or not you have changed your filter recently? If not, you probably should! Let’s look at why regular filter changes can be so important for your home comfort.

How Does My Filter Help?

An air filter for your HVAC filter can often be seen as a part of your system meant to help clean up your airflow. While this isn’t false, it may not mean what you think it means. Your HVAC filter isn’t made to help the air you experience, but rather the air that enters your HVAC system itself.

This filter captures dust and debris in order to keep it out of your home comfort systems. This keeps internal components far cleaner which will help to improve its operation and efficiency. It won’t stop every single dust mote from entering your system, but it will block a majority of the debris!

When Should You Change Your Filter

Changing your air filter is going to be something that you should do regularly. At the most, check and change your air filter each month. This usually is best for homes that use their HVAC systems heavily and may have somewhat poor air quality. At the least though, make sure to change your air filter every three months. This ensures your filter won’t get too dirty and start causing problems.

What Does a Dirty Air Filter Do?

So what exactly can happen if your air filter is left to worsen? Well, the short answer is that it will start to create problems with your heater. These problems can include:

  • Weakened airflow: A dirty air filter will make it hard for air to enter your heater. That will make things much worse for your system in the long run.
  • Poor heating: Less air entering your system means your heater will have a harder time creating heat.
  • Dust build-up: Your heater will eventually fall prey to increased dust build-up in its heating components. This can create a variety of issues such as bad smells, delayed ignition, and poor heating.
  • Higher bills: You are also going to be increasing your energy bills in the long run if you leave your dirty filter in for too long. This will only get worse the more time that passes.

As we’ve said, filter changes are highly important to the well-being and effectiveness of your heater. Changing them is one of the easiest and more cost-effective ways to help protect your heater in the long run.

Whether you need help changing your air filter or you need some additional maintenance or heater repairs in Prescott Valley, AZ, you can come to us. Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for your next service.

Five Reasons Why You Should Never Delay a Heating Repair

We are now well and truly into the winter months. While Phoenix, AZ doesn’t typically get too freezing temperatures, there are nights when we are truly thankful we have a furnace to keep us warm and comfortable. Imagine, in the middle of a cold night, your HVAC system decides that enough is enough.

Your heating system works harder in the cold months. It’s running nonstop to keep you warm and comfortable, so it’s understandable that this can take a toll on your system.

When things do go bump in the night, it’s often just a minor issue that a little TLC can fix. Many homeowners tend to then ignore the issue until it comes around again, or causes an even bigger problem.

Here are five reasons why you should never delay a heating repair.


1. Extends the heater’s life-span

In the winter months, your system works much harder. If you neglect to give your system regular maintenance and have any minor issues fixed, it may only last five years instead of fifteen. If you suspect that something is up, give the professionals a call and have it looked at. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

2. Ensures the heater will be ready to warm up your home

Having a system in top condition means that when it’s needed, it’ll do the job well. If something breaks in your heater, it may not stop working immediately. Often when the system has been off for a while and needs to kick into action, the issue becomes far more prominent. This is where you risk doing greater damage. Call the professionals. That way, you’ll never have to stress about whether or not your heater will function as it should.

3. Prevents even bigger repairs

We’ve spoken about this one above, but it’s important that we really shine the light on this. It might seem safe enough, but delaying repairs could cause even bigger issues soon. What may be a simple fix can turn into an expensive repair.

4. Ensures that you don’t have rising heat costs

The best and most ideal way to keep your home warm is with a fully functioning heating system. If you’ve been holding out on those repairs, then it’s likely that you’re looking at rising heat costs as well due to an inefficient system. A system that is poorly maintained will have to work much harder to warm your home, which will not only increase your electricity bills but may cause components in the heater to fail. It’s really not worth the risk.

5. Keeps your family safe

A damaged heater can be dangerous for you and your family. A cracked component can cause toxic fumes to enter your home, which is quite dangerous when you consider how much time you spend in your house. Carbon monoxide poisoning has claimed many lives in homes across America, which is often a result of people failing to get their heaters repaired in a timely fashion.

Don’t put off repairs until it’s too late: call us for heating repair in Glendale, AZ.

If you need heating repairs or maintenance in Glendale, AZ, our team of experts will have you covered. Call Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool.

Staying Warm While Waiting For Repairs

Staying Warm While Waiting For Repairs

Your heater is having problems but, not to worry, a technician is on their way to fix things. We’d love to be able to arrive immediately after you call us but sometimes that just isn’t possible. So how do you stay warm while you wait?

We don’t just provide expert heating repairs in Prescott, we also provide helpful advice to ensure you stay as comfortable as possible while you wait for us to arrive. Read on to learn some tried and true methods to help you stay somewhat comfortable while you wait for your heater to get back into working order.

1. Bundle up

If you haven’t already, it is time to get out your warm clothes and layer up. A tank top, long sleeve shirt, and sweater combined with fuzzy socks and thick sweatpants are sure to help keep you toasty until the heater turns back on.

2. Cook warm food or drinks

Eating and drinking warm things is a surefire way to raise your core temperature and help you feel warmer. Try some hot tea or hot chocolate. Or perhaps you want to break out a recipe for a good hot meal. Cooking warm things to eat also allows you to benefit from the heat created in the kitchen by the stove or oven.

3. Gather everyone in the same room

Have you noticed that a room full of people is warmer than a room with a single person in it? That’s something to use to your advantage. Gather everyone together in the same room and watch a movie or enjoy some games together. You’ll be entertained and end up staying warmer too.

4. Enjoy the sunshine

Do you have windows that receive direct sunlight for a few hours each day? Let the light in! Opening blinds or curtains to allow natural sunlight in is a great way to warm up a room or two in your home. Gather everyone in these rooms to really make the most of the sun’s radiant heat.

5. Do some dancing or exercise

There’s no time like to present to start that New Year’s Resolution to be more active. We get it if you aren’t hot on the idea of going outside for a run. But you can enjoy some exercise and added movement indoors to warm yourself up. Turn on some music and have a dance party or try a new workout routine to help heat things up.

When you need to stay warm but your heater isn’t cooperating, it can be a pain to deal with. With the above tips though, you at least have some easy and somewhat fun ways to stay warmer while waiting for a professional from our team to get your heater running again.

Reach out to our team for expert repairs that will get your heater up and running again in no time. We guarantee your satisfaction whenever your work with our technicians. Every member of our team is always open and honest too.

Schedule your repairs with Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating today.

What Are Those Odd Smells From the Heating System?

What Are Those Odd Smells From the Heating System?

One of the key ways you can identify when your heating system is starting to malfunction is when it begins to make strange sounds: banging, clattering, hissing, clicking, etc.

What about your other senses, though? When you start to notice unusual odors coming from the vents in your house when the heater is running, you may need to call our team for heating repair in Glendale, AZ.

We’ll go over a list of some of the strange odors you may detect and what they could me.


Dusty burning smell

If you have a gas furnace, you’ll probably notice this odor when you first turn on the heating system for the season. There’s likely nothing wrong with the furnace: what you’re smelling is the dust that has accumulated over the heat exchanger during the summer and fall burning off. The odor should go away in under an hour. If it doesn’t, you may wish to call on professionals to see what’s wrong.

Acrid burning smell

This is a more alarming odor than the dusty one, and it can point toward several serious problems. It can indicate a motor is burning out (you may hear a grinding noise along with it). It also can mean melting wires in the control board or the other electronic components of the heating system. (Yes, gas furnaces use many electric components.) No matter the cause, it’s not something you want to continue, so first shut down the heating system entirely at its breaker and then call for professional repairs.

Musty or moldy smell

Here’s an unpleasant odor that you don’t want drifting around your house. This problem is often called “dirty sock syndrome,” and it’s well named. The source of the odor is bacteria and/or mold inside the HVAC system. This can occur because of mold growing inside an air filter that hasn’t been changed in too long. If you have a heat pump to warm your house, the odor is possibly coming from mold growing along the indoor evaporator coil. You’ll need to call experts to clean out the HVAC system.

Rotten egg smell

Natural gas doesn’t have any odor on its own, but gas manufacturers place a chemical called mercaptan into it so that it exudes a sulfurous smell like rotten eggs. This makes it easier for people to detect when there is a natural gas leak. If this odor starts coming out of the vents in your house, you need to shut off the furnace immediately at the furnace switch (its dedicated circuit breaker) and call our technicians. A gas leak in a furnace can be a serious hazard, and you don’t want to turn the system back on until we’ve given it a thorough check and made any necessary repairs.

You can depend on us any time of day or night to help with your heating system—we have 24/7 emergency service.

Rely on Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for your comfort needs around the year. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool.


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