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HVAC Contractors
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Dealing with Defrost Issues in Phoenix AZ

In Phoenix AZ, if temps drop below 41 degrees, it’s not unusual for a heat pump to obtain ice buildup and need to be defrosted. Below is a list of what you can expect to see or hear if you’re needing to defrost your system:


1) An odd swishing sound when the system goes in and out of the defrost cycle.

2) Compressor can sound much louder than usual. The outdoor motor will shut off during the defrost cycle. As the outdoor unit defrosts, you may see steam from the unit. Don’t be alarmed by some water getting onto your roof as this is usually distilled an will not harm it.


1) During the defrost cycle, don’t turn off the thermostat. This can delay the defrost cycle. Your thermostat may drop a few degrees depending on the length of the defrost cycle, which is normal. After your system has gone thru a defrost cycle, it will return to normal heating.

Heat pumps are great at maintaining a temperature but will not raise temperatures in the house as rapidly as a gas or electric furnace.

During the cold winter nights and mornings it is best to keep your thermostat between 69 degrees and 72 degrees.

If you should hear or see anything out of the normal with your system during Phoenix’s cold temperatures, call our professionals at Cool Touch and we will help you determine the best course of action.

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