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When Is Repiping My Home Necessary?

Monday, September 17th, 2018

corroded-pipesThere’s actually not going to be very many scenarios where you can avoid repiping if it’s truly necessary. A water softener can prevent hard water from destroying your plumbing, making it one of the best methods of preventing a large repiping job.

Repiping, especially whole-house repiping, may sound like a huge undertaking. But with the help of a professional plumber in Phoenix, AZ, though, it can be done quickly and efficiently. Whole-house repiping is like a last-resort method, so most jobs that do call for repiping are for good reason that’s hard to dispute. Luckily, a repiping will prevent these problems from happening for a long time. Problems such as:

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Why Use Acid Neutralizers for Acid Water Treatment in Phoenix?

Monday, November 26th, 2012

When it comes to water in Phoenix, one of the most common causes of corrosion is with acidic water.  The Phoenix water treatment professionals at Cool Touch understands acid water and how to treat it, and can help you see why to use acid neutralizers on your acidic water.

Acidic water occurs when the pH value of the water is less than 7.0.  This off-balanced water can cause corrosion to fixtures, pinhole leaks in plumbing systems, and staining (in the case where copper pipes are present the stain is blue, and where iron pipes are present it can be a rust colored stain).  Because of its corrosive ability acid water can become easily contaminated with copper, lead or other metals located in the plumbing system, fixtures, and appliances which it touches.  This results in polluted water that should not be drunk.

Treating acid water is important to the heath of those drinking and using the water.  Acid neutralizers are essentially a water filter tank filled with a blend of calcium and magnesium carbonates.  These naturally occurring minerals are released in controlled amounts into water as it passes through the air neutralizer filter, reducing the water’s acidity levels and causing its corrosive qualities to diminish.  Acid neutralizers also filter out sediment and small amounts of iron, making the water cleaner than when it began the journey.

Acid neutralizers are best for pH levels between 7 and 5.5, with a pH level lower than that there are additional measures which should be taken to properly neutralize the acidity in the water.

Acid neutralizers will eliminate pipe corrosion throughout your plumbing system, as well as stop corrosion of fixtures and appliances.  This will mean your plumbing system will have fewer problems, and will last longer.

A Phoenix water treatment specialist such as those at Cool Touch can inspect and test your water and provide a personalized recommendation for your particular acid water treatment. Contact Cool Touch today!

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