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Plumbing Tip: Do I Need to Worry About My Pipes Freezing This Winter?

Monday, January 7th, 2013

If you are a homeowner in a cold climate you should always be mindful of your pipes in the winter. Frozen pipes can be a serious problem, whether or not they get bad enough to burst. You can cut down on a lot of worrying about your pipes freezing this winter by taking some simple yet effective precautionary steps. Do not let frozen pipes disrupt the comfort and convenience in your Phoenix home. Contact Cool Touch today with any questions you may still have about how to keep your pipes safe this coming cold season.

One of the most common ways in which people keep their pipes safe during the winter months is to leave a trickle of hot water running through their pipes. This is, in fact, a pretty effective way to care for those pipes that supply water within your home. It is not really feasible for those outdoor water connections, though.

Before temperatures really start to drop be sure to disconnect your hoses and sprinkler systems. Shut off the water to outside connections if possible. Be sure to drain any water that is still in these fixtures. Ice skating is a fun winter pastime, but it is a lot more fun when you are expecting to do it (and, for that matter, wearing ice skates). Reduce the likelihood of dangerous, icy conditions by caring for your outdoor pipes and fixtures.

An often overlooked tool to help keep your pipes safe this winter is insulation. Your pipes should be properly, professionally insulated to keep the water inside of them from freezing up and potentially damaging the pipe. Contact a professional Phoenix plumber to have the insulation on your piping system checked out. If it is inadequate, torn or otherwise compromised you may have a problem.

If you want some more information about ways in which you can prevent your pipes from freezing this cold season, contact Cool Touch. We are the local service provider you can depend on in Phoenix. Let us know what we can do to make your home more winter proof. Call today to schedule service.

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Plumbing FAQ: What Causes Slab Leaks?

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

At Cool Touch, we have the training and experience to quickly diagnose a slab leak in your Phoenix home, as well as determine how it might have been caused. That’s a critical first step in making an efficient, effective, and safe repair. Another critical part of slab leak prevention is understanding how they are caused in the first place. Below are a few of the more common causes of slab leaks.

Most pipes underneath slab foundations are intended to last for many years, but corrosion from mineral deposits and other chemicals in the water can shorten their life, particularly copper pipes. Most modern construction calls for soft copper piping to be used so that it has some flexibility as the slab is set up.  If a bend, kink, or small dent was made during construction, it could act as a point source for accumulating corrosive deposits. Sometimes, the concrete surrounding the pipe can cause corrosion.

Excessive water pressure, or water that’s too alkaline or acidic – commonly referred to as high or low pH – can degrade pipes, particularly around joints or any bent areas. Electric currents in the slab can cause corrosive deposits to grow through a process known as electrolysis. That is a particular concern if the copper pipe is close to any steel reinforcement rods in the concrete.

Modern plumbing standards call for copper water lines to be protected from direct contact with the concrete in slab construction. That is usually done by wrapping the pipes in plastic insulation. A leak could occur if a section of the plastic wrapper came loose during construction. The copper may not have been properly wrapped in some cases, exposing it to the corrosive effects of the concrete.

Extreme weather conditions can also cause of slab leaks in Phoenix area homes. The dry soil in our climate tends to shift and the pipes can also expand and contract a lot over time. Eventually, this puts enough stress on the pipe to cause it to leak through cracks or loose joints. While burst pipes from freezing conditions is not as common, it can happen in our area.

If you have further questions or suspect a slab leak, call the plumbers in Phoenix at Cool Touch! Contact Cool Touch today!

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Why Use Acid Neutralizers for Acid Water Treatment in Phoenix?

Monday, November 26th, 2012

When it comes to water in Phoenix, one of the most common causes of corrosion is with acidic water.  The Phoenix water treatment professionals at Cool Touch understands acid water and how to treat it, and can help you see why to use acid neutralizers on your acidic water.

Acidic water occurs when the pH value of the water is less than 7.0.  This off-balanced water can cause corrosion to fixtures, pinhole leaks in plumbing systems, and staining (in the case where copper pipes are present the stain is blue, and where iron pipes are present it can be a rust colored stain).  Because of its corrosive ability acid water can become easily contaminated with copper, lead or other metals located in the plumbing system, fixtures, and appliances which it touches.  This results in polluted water that should not be drunk.

Treating acid water is important to the heath of those drinking and using the water.  Acid neutralizers are essentially a water filter tank filled with a blend of calcium and magnesium carbonates.  These naturally occurring minerals are released in controlled amounts into water as it passes through the air neutralizer filter, reducing the water’s acidity levels and causing its corrosive qualities to diminish.  Acid neutralizers also filter out sediment and small amounts of iron, making the water cleaner than when it began the journey.

Acid neutralizers are best for pH levels between 7 and 5.5, with a pH level lower than that there are additional measures which should be taken to properly neutralize the acidity in the water.

Acid neutralizers will eliminate pipe corrosion throughout your plumbing system, as well as stop corrosion of fixtures and appliances.  This will mean your plumbing system will have fewer problems, and will last longer.

A Phoenix water treatment specialist such as those at Cool Touch can inspect and test your water and provide a personalized recommendation for your particular acid water treatment. Contact Cool Touch today!

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