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Is a Packaged AC Unit Worth Considering?

Monday, October 12th, 2020

Packaged air conditioning units are something you may not recognize when you first hear the term—but you are familiar with them, because they are the most common way to provide cooling to commercial spaces. When you see HVAC units located on the top of a building, you’re looking at packaged units.

When it comes to air conditioning in Surprise, AZ, most homes have split air conditioning units: an outdoor condenser which connects through a line set to an interior evaporator unit an air handler that sends cooled air into the ducts of the ventilation system. Packaged units put all the components (except the ductwork to the rooms) outside. The packaged AC contains the compressor, the condenser coil and evaporator coil, and fans in one cabinet, and it draws air from the house through one set of ducts and sends the cooled air back into the house through another set.

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AC Tip: What is a Packaged HVAC Unit?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Packaged heating and air conditioning units are very popular in parts of the United States where it is often warmer. One of the reasons for this is because packaged air systems save space and they are very energy efficient. In this blog post, we’re going to describe the different types of packaged air systems and how they work.

Packaged HVAC

Virtually any kind of heating and air conditioning system can come as a “packaged” system. As the name implies, a packaged air system has all of the parts needed for heating and cooling in one, compact package. For a packaged AC unit, the air filter, coils, compressor and air handler are all in one unit. In the case of a packaged heat pump, all of the component for both heating and cooling would be conveniently tied up in one unit.

Electrical Strip Heat

For some packaged air conditioning systems, they can also heat your home using electrical strip heat. With this system, an electrical strip unit comprised of several coils of wire is placed inside the air handler. In heating mode, the strip produces heat using electrical resistance. The strip heats the air as it is blown across it and warms your home.

Space Benefits

As you might guess, having all of the heating and air conditioning components in one unit would save a lot of space. Packaged units are commonly placed on a flat surface outside or on horizontal roofs. Not only does this save room indoors, but it also keeps the noise level down inside.

Energy Efficiency

Packaged air conditioning and heating systems offer a high SEER and AFUE rating. For some models, a 13 SEER and 80% AFUE rating are achieved.

Maintenance Benefits

With all of your heating and air conditioning systems in one place, it makes maintenance very easy. When you have your packaged HVAC system maintained on a regular basis, your technician only has to go to one place to do all of the work. Regular maintenance can potentially extend the life of your unit and allow it to operate more efficiently.

If you have any questions about packaged air systems or if your interested in having one installed at your home in Scottsdale, then call Cool Touch today. Our trained technicians can talk with you about your home to make sure that a packaged HVAC system is right for you.

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