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San Diego Water Damage Caused by Leaky A/C Units

Monday, August 4th, 2014

San Diego Water Damage – Air Conditioning Units Among Top Troublemakers

As temperatures begin to soar and the warmest days of the year are just ahead, a San Diego Flood Restoration company warns that this is a good time to protect one’s home from water damage by inspecting the air conditioning unit for condensation line leaks, and “Water damage from an air conditioning condensation leak is much more common than someone might think” says Joe Colombo, owner of Gold Coast Flood Restorations. “Condensation leaks can create a lot of water damage, this is because they often go unnoticed. Many leaks are hidden by walls or they are in low traffic areas, and frequently the leak is not spotted until somebody sees a visible spot on the walls or feels a wet spot on the carpet.”.

The elevated humidity and dark space around the condensation lines may also make them prone to mold growth. As the mold grows, it gets distributed through the air conditioning unit or HVAC system to the remainder of the home. Mold growth within the home can be very devastating. If left unchecked, mold can cause major structural damage to a home as well as be a health hazard.

There are two kinds of black mold, or “toxic mold”, Stachybotrys and Memmoniella, that present a very significant risk to people’s health and wellness. These types of molds have a black and slimy appearance. They can flourish from where water has already saturated into wood, rugs and carpets, furnishings or other building materials. It is essential to have any type of black mold, that is found in the home, tested to establish what level of danger it may present. Inhaling or handling black mold can come with some really considerable health consequences.

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Possible Issues With Your Air Conditioner in Phoenix Arizona

– Uneven Temperatures

If the rooms or offices of your commercial property are not all kept at a comfortable climate, you probably will receive complaints from those who occupy the building. Uneven cooling indicates that you should call on a commercial specialist, as it could be a result of one of many factors, including faulty ductwork or dampers, a damaged component, or a thermostat that needs replacement.

– Unfamiliar Sounds

Phoenix AZ Sky Line

Phoenix AZ Sky Line

Most commercial packaged units are located on the roof, so that noise is kept to a minimum. If you begin to hear loud rattling, clanking, or grinding noises coming from the vents, these are signs warning that something is seriously damaged inside of your AC. Besides distracting your employees, customers, or tenants, these sounds may indicate that your system is at risk for sudden breakdowns.

– High Cooling Costs

A slight rise in cooling costs shouldn’t come as a surprise in the summer. Your bill is certainly higher in August or July than in April, but if your bills seem to spike uncontrollably, it likely means that your air conditioning system has run into problems. Damage to your system can often affect efficiency; as your unit attempts to reach the desired temperature, it runs for longer periods of time, draining energy in the process.

If any of these situations apply to your air conditioning system then you need to act fast to prevent further damage. Call Cool Touch and we’ll take care of everything. You’ll get an honest assessment so you can get back to relaxing in the Cool air.

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