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How to Make Common Plumbing Problems Worse

homeowner-stressing-over-disconnected-sink-pipeWe all know the signs of plumbing problems. The leaky pipe, the clogged sink… They’re so common that you’d think they have easy solutions. However, we urge you not to go online trying to find some answers. After all, you could make these simple problems even worse by doing something like…

Using Drain Cleaner on Clogged Drains

Despite the fact that drain cleaners exist and promise to clean your drains, you never actually want to use them to fix your clogged drains. They contain harmful chemicals that work wonders for eating away at your pipes (and only sometimes work wonders for clearing your clogged drain).

This is compounded by the fact that when you pour drain cleaner down a clogged drain, the drain cleaner will be stuck at the clog for several minutes before actually breaking through the clog. This gives it plenty of time to erode your pipes. Combined with the natural corrosion that pipes sometimes suffer through, you’ll be looking at a leaky or busted pipe far sooner than you’d like.

Allowing Hard Water to Run Through Your Home

We have to talk about hard water. Hard water, a term you’ve most likely heard before, is defined by high levels of minerals in your water supply (specifically magnesium and calcium). The minerals enter the water stream long before being processed at your city’s water filtration plant, so the hardness of your water can depend on your region. Arizona happens to be a state with one of the highest levels of hard water.

The minerals brought in by hard water have a knack for sticking to the corners and bends in your pipes, and this will restrict water flow throughout your entire home. With enough time, your dishwasher, water heater, shower, and other appliances will become clogged and can start to malfunction or use more energy than necessary.

The best way to handle the problem is with a water softener. These work to remove the hard minerals from your water supply, at the source, so that your entire home can be supplied with soft water.

Neglecting the Need for Whole-House or Section Repiping

Repiping an entire home is nothing to get excited about. A good plumber in Avondale, AZ will make quick and efficient work of it so that you’ll have nothing to worry about, but just the thought of having to replace all the pipes in the entire house will make some homeowners do mental gymnastics to figure out how they can avoid it.

If you do need whole-house or section repiping, however, there’s definitely going to be a good reason for it. One cause could be that your pipes are decades old and no longer safe for your home. Galvanized steel pipes are one such example, and they contain potentially harmful amounts of lead. In other cases, corrosion through your pipes can create leaks in multiple sections of your home. At this point, fixing each leak individually will be extremely costly.

Don’t be afraid to take on your plumbing problems! We can handle it for you. Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating today!

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