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Consider UV Germicidal Lights in Your Home

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 at 11:00 am

UV-germicidal-lightsGerms and allergens can be a big concern for many households, especially those with infants, the elderly, or people with sensitive lungs. Most HVAC systems come equipped with a filter that screens out dirt and dust. But if you’re specifically worried about germs, there’s a much better option for you: UV germicidal lights can kill most any kind of biological contaminant and with a proper system installed in your home, you can help your family be a lot healthier.

How Do They Work?

UV germicidal lights work by utilizing ultraviolet light: a wavelength that we cannot see but which is present in sunlight. It’s what causes our skin to tan and burn when we go out on hot days. UV lights use smaller amounts, which are perfectly safe for humans and pets. (Indeed, they’re used at rock concerts and dark rides at amusement parks to make our white clothes glow in the dark.) But while they may be harmless to us, they’re lethal to germs and bacteria. Your heating and air conditioning system is the most effective place for a UV light to work in such a manner.

Cycling Air

As air passes through your heater or air conditioner, it enters the apex of your ducts. A UV germicidal light shines across the width of it, forming an impenetrable barrier that even the tiniest microbe must pass through. As your system runs, it cycles the air in your home through the system, and gradually “scrubs” it clean of germs and bacteria. That keeps the air clean and healthy no matter how many “uninvited guests” float in through the air. In addition to helping family members vulnerable to colds, it can help households involved in the medical profession or similar spots that are likely to pick up germs.

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