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Tips to Use When Fixing Your Household Heating System

When a homeowners heating system breaks down it can make the inside temperatures drop to almost fifty degrees. You’ll feel like you’re visiting the North Pole during the coldest parts of winter and your family will be huddled up like little polar bear cubs. For those of us living in Phoenix, AZ, fifty degrees is really cold! Most of us will be searching our homes for extra blankets and other sources of heat to warm our toes back up from the chill.

Here are some easy heating repair tips that can quickly get your home warm again. Although some of these tips may seem obvious, they’re common sense things to check before having to make a service call to your Phoenix heating repair specialist.


The first thing you should check is the thermostat. Checking the thermostat is the first thing a professional service technician is trained to do and so should you. Make sure the thermostat is set heat mode and that the temperature set-point is above the inside temperature.

Air Filter

After checking the thermostat you should inspect the condition of the air filter. A professional service technician would likely check the air filter after inspecting the thermostat. If the air filter is dirty then replace it and check if the heating capacity has been restored to a comfortable level.

Visual Inspection

Next, perform a visual inspection of the heating system. If you notice anything out of the ordinary be sure to report your findings to a local heating professional for advice. It’s important not to touch any of the internal components, just look and listen.

Breaker Panel

The breaker panel has a breaker that turns power on and off to your furnace or air handling unit. If the breaker is off or tripped, it will need to be reset. The breaker should be marked to indicate the appliance in which it controls.


Diffusers are commonly know as registers or vents. The vents are adjustable to open, closed or in-between. The diffusers should always be in the open position. Closing the diffuser to stop airflow creates greater resistance on the blower motor and can have an adverse effect on your heating system.

If you still feel that something may be wrong with your heating system please call Cool Touch at 623-584-3762. One of our experienced technicians will be happy to take a look and help restore your home with heat.



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