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HVAC Contractors
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The Best Time to Schedule Heating Services

One question we get every now and then is:

“When’s the best time to get HVAC repairs?”

The answer to that question is simply, “When you need it!”

Sorry, we know that’s not the actual answer you’re looking for—but it’s true. You typically won’t need to schedule a heating service unless the need arises. The only other time would be when it’s time for maintenance (and we do have some advice for when that time comes).

When Your Heating Bill Is Rising

Take a look at the figures of your last few heating bills. If you notice any kind of gradual increase, it might be time to consider a repair call or a comprehensive maintenance check.

A gradually rising heating bill is usually an indication that your heater is under some stress. A component that is in need of maintenance will drag down the system’s overall efficiency, and it might go completely unnoticed until you see the damage it brings to your heating bill.

Of course, a higher heating bill could be due to your family using the heat more than usual. If you’re suspicious of that answers, however, it won’t hurt to get a maintenance check (especially if you haven’t had one this year, yet!).

As Soon as Your Heater is Acting Strange

If your heater is making odd noises, behaving strangely, or just not heating like it should, then there’s no reason to wait. Telling yourself that the problem might go away will only cost you more money.

If your heater is acting strange in any way, it’s a good sign that it’s time for repairs. Simply calling up a heating system repairs expert in Phoenix and asking for an opinion can help you determine if your issue needs immediate attention.

Before you do that, though, you should check to see if the air filter has been replaced recently. A dirty and clogged air filter is capable of creating some nasty symptoms, and the fix might be as simple as switching it out for a clean one.

During the Off-Season

So your heating bill seems normal, and you haven’t noticed any weird things… But it’s been over a year since you’ve had any kind of maintenance performed on your furnace. You should definitely get that done as soon as possible, regardless of what season it is.

But at the same time, go ahead and schedule your next maintenance call for the last month of summer. Not only will this ensure that your heater gets the preventive service it needs, but it will also save you from having to deal with a heating emergency in the middle of the cold months.

Consider a Maintenance Plan

If you are the type of homeowner who worries about when they should have their services done, you might find that a maintenance plan can solve most of your worries. We’ll help you schedule your maintenance appointments in advance, and if any problems arise in the meantime, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of.

Having issues with your heater? Don’t hesitate to call in for an opinion. Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating to request an estimate.

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