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Yes, You Still Need Heating Maintenance Done in Fall


It’s fall and it’s hot here in the Valley. It’s often hot here in the valley, and we can expect warm weather to follow us through most of the rest of the year. That makes it harder to make people think about the heating system in their home. If it’s 80°F or warmer outside, who wants to give much thought to turning on the furnace in the house, or switching the heat pump over to heating mode?

However, as a reminder about the future: temperatures during winter nights can often fall into the 40s. That might sound humorous to somebody who lives in Wisconsin, but it still means needing a heating system to help out. So when we say you need to schedule heating maintenance this fall, it’s because we know you’ll need it.

Safety Is Always Important

One of the reasons to have heating maintenance done every fall is that it keeps the system operating safely. This is true for both natural gas and electrical heating systems, although it’s critical in particular for gas heaters like furnaces. A gas furnace that’s allowed to go without regular inspections may develop harmful malfunctions without people in the house realizing it until too late. You’ll feel more comfortable during the winter knowing you have a heater that has received a clean bill of health from HVAC professionals. 


You may not use your heating system often, but you don’t want to be surprised when you do need it to discover it’s failed. Maintenance will see that your heater is tuned-up and that any hidden repair problems that can lead to a dead system are fixed before they spring a nasty surprise on you.

The Heat Pump Factor

If you use a heat pump for comfort in your house—and many people in the Valley do—then regular heating maintenance is more critical than ever. This is because the heat pump is both a heating and cooling system, and it uses the same components to operate regardless of which mode it’s in. The regular maintenance for your heat pump in fall is not only to ensure it will work effectively when in heating mode, but that it will also work effectively in cooling mode. 

No matter how you use your heat pump during the rest of the fall and during the winter, it needs a tune-up and inspection. You may otherwise be caught with a busted heat pump, and that means you won’t have any type of comfort support at all. Maintenance for a heat pump protects you from whatever weather you run into—and it helps the system enjoy a longer service life for both heating and cooling. 

Our Ultimate Service Agreement

We offer great HVAC maintenance in Glendale, AZ for both air conditioning and heating systems through our special Ultimate Service Agreement. Joining this maintenance club also provides you with special membership perks, such as 20% off repairs and special discounts. Call us today to find out more details and to schedule an appointment for heating maintenance.

Schedule heating maintenance today with Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating. Kick Back and Relax: We’ll Keep You Cool.

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