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HVAC Contractors
in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area


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Smart Shopping for a New Furnace

There are probably more questions you could come up with to ask a dealer but if you get good answers for these eight questions you have probably found a reputable dealer who will take care of your needs.

If you’re like most homeowners you have never purchased a new furnace. While the task may seem to be daunting, it can be boiled down to five simple steps. Taken one at a time, in a relatively short period of time you will have a new furnace installed in your home and you will feel good about your decision.

Find a reputable dealer you can trust. This is the most important task in the process. This is the company who will have workers in your home during the installation. It is also the company you will expect to be around when you need service on your furnace.Once you have your short list of one to five potential dealers, do a little homework and life will be simpler. Call or go online with the Phoenix Better Business Bureau and check the records of your potential contractors.

Invite reps from your list to your home. Watch and listen carefully to them while they are in your home. Do they take the time to find out what you really need or do they just march to the furnace, look around for a few minutes, and then go upstairs with you and fill out a proposal and give you some brochures? A good company’s representative will do a heat loss calculation and discuss several potential furnaces for your consideration. That person will also discuss additional comfort components with you. If you are replacing a furnace it’s a good time to consider a new air conditioner if the current unit is more than ten years old. It’s also a good time to look at an air cleaner, a humidifier, ductwork additions, or other devices that will make your home more comfortable.

Check references. Any company that is unwilling to give you references to check is a potential problem. If the representative can’t give you the names on the spot, see if that person calls you with names and addresses.

Determine if the proposal meets your needs and is affordable. Don’t be surprised if your representative offers you several financing choices. Most established dealers have financing available through their manufacturers. Some of the larger dealers may have even better financing options through local or national banks. Don’t hesitate to consider the financing options offered because they are often better than you can arrange on your own with your local banker.

Sign an agreement with the dealer you have chosen. This proposal should spell out model numbers, and a detailed listing of the work to be done. It should outline warranty terms and the final cost. It should indicate the method of payment that has been agreed upon. While the sales representative may not able to schedule your actual installation date you should at least be told the process that the dealer will follow from the time of signing your agreement through your final payment after installation.

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