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4 Reasons Your Thermostat is Malfunctioning

cold-man-inspecting-thermostatIf you’re experiencing problems with your furnace this winter, the natural reaction is to call for an expert in Phoenix, AZ heating services and have them inspect your furnace. But what if they don’t find anything wrong with your furnace? In that case, it could be a problem with the thermostat.

The thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system, but it’s often taken for granted. It’s not uncommon that many people overlook it when troubleshooting issues with their system.

Knowing the difference between an HVAC problem and a thermostat problem might save you from having to make a service call! We’ll explain 5 common issues down below so you can know what to look out for.

1. Batteries Need Replacement

Despite being wired into the home, most thermostats use batteries to power on the digital display and to save memorized programs and preferences. If these batteries have gone bad, that can explain some thermostat and temperature issues.

Simply pop off the front cover and replace the batteries with the appropriate kind. Just make sure you’re using lithium and not alkaline batteries, as alkaline batteries tend to die quicker.

2. Dust and Debris

Dust finds its way everywhere eventually, even behind the face-plate of your thermostat. Too much dust and debris can insulate the contacts and give off false temperature readings. That inaccurate information is communicated to the HVAC system, so it can have a direct effect on how your heater or air conditioner behaves (including making it run longer than necessary!).

Simply wipe off the contacts and give the thermostat some time to come up with a new reading.

3. Poor Installation Location

The thermostat is supposed to give you an accurate reading of the overall temperature through the home. If the thermostat is placed in a bad spot, the whole system will have problems.

Locations you don’t want your thermostat to be in would include:

  • Somewhere woo close to a heat source, such as the kitchen.
  • Within direct sunlight.
  • Not in a central location of the home.

Usually, this problem would have to exist from the very beginning, during the time of installation. But it is possible that renovations or updates in the home could allow this problem to develop.

4. Electrical Issues

Your thermostat is connected to the rest of the HVAC system through wires. But it’s a fact of life that wires eventually go bad. They can loosen, disconnect, or simply become faulty with age. Remove the thermostat to see if the wires have become loose; tighten them back on if that’s the case.

You also can check the fuses or the circuit breaker to see if that’s the source of the issue.

If you can’t find the problem but still suspect than an electrical issue is to blame, we recommend that you call up a professional. Electrical work is dangerous and should only be performed by a trained and experienced professional.

Is your thermostat the source of all your HVAC woes? We can help! Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating today.

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