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Last Stretch for Heaters: What to Watch For


We have short winters here in Arizona, so when the calendar turns over to February, it means we’re in the last stretch before we have to start thinking seriously about having our air conditioning systems tuned-up for the coming hot weather. 

But this time of year is also when you should pay close attention to your heating system in Tempe, AZ. A heater has a higher chance of failing during the end of the winter compared to any other time. This is because, even with heating maintenance in the fall, a heater will have had enough time and labor over the winter to accumulate strain on its parts. This can lead to the heater starting to fail as it nears the end of the season. 

Some Specific Late Season Issues to Watch For

What kind of problems can a heater get into at the end of winter? Here are the more common ones:

  • Trouble from a clogged air filter: If you haven’t changed the air filter for the heating system all winter, you’ll probably run into issues with low airflow, higher bills, and a heater that frequently trips the circuit breaker. Keep up with changing the filter to avoid these problems.
  • Wearing down motors: The motors for heat pumps and furnaces suffer immense amounts of wear over the winter. If they lose lubrication, collect too much dust, or have bearings wearing down, they’ll be in danger of overheating. Listen for any loud mechanical sound or acrid odors from the vents to warn you there are motor troubles.
  • Ignition problems: For a gas furnace, you may find the burners are having trouble firing. This could be from grime collecting on the burners, or the electronic ignition system wearing down. Soon the furnace’s burners may not light at all.
  • Uneven heating: If your heating system is beginning to lose its capacity—which could be the result of several problems, including old age—an early warning that it’s happening is cold spots appearing around the house. Don’t just accept a few cold rooms; something major could be wrong with the heating system. 
  • The temperature never seems right: Are you fiddling with the thermostat all the time trying to find a decent temperature that isn’t too cold or too stuffy? The heating system shouldn’t work this way: you should be able to find a steady temperature for most of the day. This could be a thermostat problem, but it also might indicate issues with the heater.

Repairs Are Important Any Time of Year

Something important to understand about repairs for your heater is that you can’t ignore them even if the cold season is almost over. If you notice the above problems, the worst thing you can do is shrug them off and think you’ll get to them later. The best way to stop a heating problem from becoming worse is to address it as soon as possible. This will also stop the problem from becoming dangerous, which is especially concerning with a gas furnace. Don’t hesitate to call our technicians for repairs, no matter how late it is in winter.

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