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Two Big Reasons People Switch to Ductless

ductless-heat-pumpAfter hearing about the benefits of a ductless heat pump, many are convinced that they’ve installed the wrong heater and air conditioner. “Why didn’t I know about these heat pumps before?”

While we’re happy to talk about the benefits of a ductless heat pump, we want to assure you at the same time that a heat pump isn’t ideal for every single home owner. Your current heating and cooling system may have been installed in accordance with what makes the most sense for your home. Or, it could be the case that a normal heat pump in Phoenix (the kind with ducts) is perfect for your home.

That being said, if you’ve lived with something other than a ductless heat pump for several years and still aren’t satisfied, you might have a good reason to make the switch. In fact, we usually find there are two big reasons that people finally switch to ductless heat pumps:

They Don’t Want to Pay Any Duct-Related Costs

For a ducted HVAC system, ducts are nearly half of the system. Without them, there’s no way the air could flow from the unit and into the rooms of your home. And while the ducts are relatively low maintenance to begin with, there’s no denying the fact that they do need some attention every few years. Some homeowners may realize that they don’t want to pay the costs for:

  • Duct cleaning: The ducts accumulate a lot of dust over the years, and it’s important for your indoor air quality and for the operation of your system to have the ducts cleaned out.
  • Duct leak sealing: When a leak develops in the ducts, it will eject some of the heated or cooled air generated by your system. Add more leaks over time and you’ve got yourself big inefficiency problems. You’ll need to have them sealed at that point.
  • Duct maintenance: If your ducts have too many homes, a mold outbreak, or are too big or too small, you might need duct replacement. Duct maintenance would be strongly recommended to keep an eye on the condition of the ducts.

They Want Zone Control

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to realize they want zone control only after learning what it is. Essentially, zone control is the idea of splitting your home into “zones,” each part capable of maintaining its own temperature. This allows for greater flexibility, comfort, and efficiency through the home.

The problem is ducted systems don’t come with this feature. Whole-home heating and cooling is made affordable thanks to the ducts, but it omits the option of individual control in each room.

Ductless heat pumps have zone control built in, simply by the principle of their design. One separate air handler for each room is the default mode for these heaters, and each air handler comes with its own set of temperature controls.

The only downside is that you’ll need to foot the cost for each air handler. Although ductless heat pumps will certainly save you money in operational costs over time, it has to be acknowledged that the upfront installation cost can really add up.

Need help deciding if ductless heat pumps are truly the best system for your home? Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating today to speak with an expert.

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