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HVAC Contractors
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Top Tips to Use When Looking for a New Heater

Installing a new heating system can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,500, depending upon the complexity of your specific installation. High efficiency models might cost an additional $500 to $1,000 for the added efficiency. If your family has high annual heating bills, a higher efficiency system is going to make more economic sense than it would for a family that has very small heating bills. So when determining what type of furnace to buy, take into account what you are spending on your annual energy bills. If you are going to be in your home for a period of time that would justify these additional expenses, it makes sense to install the highest efficiency heating system that you could afford.

A new heater is a significant investment, and if you make the decision to put one in, you need to do so only after careful consideration. This means more than just deciding your old heater isn’t good enough. It means knowing exactly what you want in a new heater and ensuring that you find the make and model with those qualities.

The Top Three Tips to Look for in a New Heater

1. Size. Furnaces should be neither too small nor too large, but just right. You need a heater that creates 50 BTUs (British thermal units) of heat for every square foot of your home, modified for such factors as sunlight exposure and insulation.

2. Efficiency rating. Furnaces are rated in AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), listed as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more effectively the furnace does its job.  The highest rated furnaces earn an EnergyStar sticker, denoting their status as particularly efficient units.

3. Type of system. Most people think of traditional gas furnaces when they think of heaters, and those models do the job very well. You might want to consider alternate models, such as heat pumps (which combine the features of a heater and an air conditioner). Both are extremely effective in places with mild winters like ours in Phoenix.

Tips to Determine the Size of Furnace You Should Buy

1. The size and configuration of your house

2. The levels of insulation in your walls, ceilings, 2nd floors

3. The number and type of windows in your home

4. The orientation of your home to the sun

5. The size and configuration of your house

For more things to look for in a new heater, or to talk to someone about installing a new heater, contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning & Heating for help. We serve all of Phoenix,AZ, heating installation is our specialty, and we dedicate ourselves to doing the job right every time. Pick up the phone and give us a call today 623-584-3762 or visit us here!


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