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Electrical Question: Should I Upgrade My Fuse Box?

If you’re wondering whether to upgrade your Scottsdale home’s old fuse box, the answer is probably yes. All electricity entering your home passes through this box. The electricity is divvied up to all of your appliances and electronics from this point. That’s a lot going on in one little space, and a lot of potential for something to go wrong.

If you have an older home and the electrical system has not been updated in years, it is possible that your existing electrical system, while functional, is not up to code. Upgrading your old fuse box is an important improvement in the safety of your home’s electrical system. The most important information in deciding whether or not to upgrade your home’s fuse box is to make sure that you understand how it works.

The fuse box is the panel in your home where circuits are completed by little strips of metal. The small plastic capsules containing the strip of metal constitute the fuse. This fuse connects the circuits in your Scottsdale electrical system and allows electricity to run through them. In the event of a surge in which unsafe levels of electricity are flowing through your system the fuse will blow, and the circuit is broken. This ensures that your wiring is not overloaded with potentially dangerous levels of electricity.

A sure sign that your fuse box is not operating properly is an increase in blown fuses. If your fuses seem to go more often than they used to, call a qualified electrician to inspect your box. It may require an upgrade. Other signs of an unsafe fuse box include rust, scorch marks, corrosion of wires or components or simple old age. If you have any reason at all to question the integrity of the fuse box in your home, do not hesitate to call for a professional evaluation. This is a matter of personal safety.

If it is decided that your fuse box needs an upgrade, consider the advantages and disadvantages of both fuse boxes and modern circuit breakers. Fuses tend to react to overloads very quickly, which can mean better protection to sensitive electronics. However, this can be inconvenient when in a circuit prone to frequent surges that blow the fuse. Circuit breakers make it easy to locate which switch has tripped, and they reset with the simple flip of a switch. However, they do not register surges as quickly as fuses.

The best way to decide what is right for your home’s electrical system is with the help of a Scottsdale  electrical professional. Call Cool Touch today with any questions you have. We’ll help make the decisions that are right for your home’s electrical system.

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