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Cool Touch Offers Air & Heating Services for Goodyear AZ

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Goodyear is a suburban community in the southwest portion of metropolitan Phoenix Arizona featuring more than 188 square miles of plains, rivers and the beautiful Estrella Mountains. With a rich, rewarding quality of life and tremendous community spirit, Goodyear was the recipient of two prestigious national awards in 2008: the All-America City and City Livability awards. Today, Goodyear is a city of relaxed sophistication, where you will feel at home right away.

Goodyear Arizona

Goodyear AZ

Forbes recently named Phoenix one of the country’s next big boomtowns. As one of the fastest-growing regions in the country with a population that’s expected to nearly double over the next 20 years, Goodyear, as the leader in the west valley, is poised to be an industry leader in Information Technology. With infrastructure already in place, technology companies have several options.

The region has some of the best business schools and technology programs in the country, as well as one of the largest community college networks in the nation. Estrella Mountain Community College has developed the coveted “Red Hat Certification” program and has recently submitted to become a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security for two year programs.

Goodyear offers a unique blend of metropolitan amenities and suburban hospitality packaged in a fresh, contemporary setting. Located 20 minutes from downtown Phoenix, Goodyear offers an abundance of attractions including over 100 restaurants, great shopping, theaters, over 20,000 acres of recreational parks, and approximately 47 miles of multi-use paved trails and equestrian multi-use unpaved trails.

During the spring in Goodyear AZ, just when the weather is near perfection, Major League Baseball spring training kicks off. Goodyear AZ is the home of the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds. What’s not to love about Cactus League Spring Training in Arizona? Hope springs eternal as the boys of summer get in shape in the sunshine and fans get up close and personal with their favorite players.

Shopping is abundant in Goodyear with everything from upscale boutiques to discount retailers. Estrella Falls Mall, set for completion in Fall 2016 will be the largest indoor-shopping mall in the southwest valley with over 1.1 million square feet of specialty shops, high end retailers and dining.

Goodyear AZ Landscape

Goodyear AZ Landscape

All of Goodyear’s nine excellent hotels offer customers an exceptional experience; conveniently located near major highways, allowing easy access to the Phoenix metro area. With over 912 rooms, guests are sure to find accommodations fitting one’s lifestyle and budget. For a true luxurious experience visit the esteemed Wig Wam Resort with over 300 guest casitas and a championship golf course.

With 4 public and semi-public courses, Goodyear offers something for golfers of all levels. Rolling hills and tree-lined fairways, water hazards and sand traps, each course has its own character filled with competitive challenges. From executive style to championship courses, you’ll enjoy playing Goodyear’s unique golf landscape.

The city of Goodyear is growing so much it only makes sense that Cool Touch Air and Heating expands it’s air and heating services into this area. With all the new neighborhoods and new commercial projects that have been developed, as well as several new ones on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time before Cool Touch’s excellent reputation becomes a household name in this area. Goodyear residents that are in need of air conditioning maintenance, repair or installation, or would like to have their heating system serviced to get ready for the fall and winter months, please call Cool Touch today 623-584-3762 or visit

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Trusting Your A/C & Heating Contractor is Important

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

We’ve all heard the stories about home owners and commercial businesses getting ripped off by their local HVAC contractor. Too many times people have called upon A/C and heating companies to come to their home or business for what they thought would be a simple tune up only to be taken for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. We’ve even heard of a homeowner who’s issue had to do with a simple adjustment to their thermostat, however, the HVAC company they called told them they needed a whole new cooling system which ended up costing them a few thousand. Ridiculous!!

Cool Touch A/C & HeatingCool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating is proud to state that we have a perfect rating with the Phoenix Better Business Bureau. We also have an outstanding reputation on the social website Yelp. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified and offer the best customer service you will find around Phoenix and the east and west valleys. If a customer doesn’t need an expensive part, repair or system replacement, our techs will be the first to tell them. We’re not in the business of increasing profits through lies. Cool Touch is in the business of gaining our customers trust so they become a customer for life.

In order to prevent getting ripped off by a dishonest air conditioning & heating company in Phoenix, please follow the list of tips below.

How to Find a Credible Air Conditioning & Heating Company:

— Find out about license and insurance requirements for contractors in your state. And before you call a contractor, know the model of your current system and its maintenance history. Also make note of any uncomfortable rooms. This will help potential contractors better understand your heating needs.

– Ask for referrals — Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for contractor referrals. You can also contact local trade organizations for names of members in your area.

– Check your local Better Business Bureau and popular local business social websites (Yelp, Magic Yellow, Brown Book, Angies List, Google Plus, etc)

– Call references — Ask contractors for customer references and call them. Ask about the contractor’s installation or service performance, and if the job was completed on time and within budget.

– Find special offers — A heating and cooling system is one of the largest purchases you’ll make as a homeowner. Keep your costs down by checking around for available rebates on energy-efficient ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling equipment. Begin your search at

– Look for ENERGY STAR — ENERGY STAR qualified products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and offer significant long-term energy savings. Contractors should be able to show you calculations of savings for ENERGY STAR heating and cooling equipment.

– Expect a home evaluation — The contractor should spend significant time inspecting your current system and home to assess your needs. A bigger system isn’t always better; a contractor should size the heating and cooling system based on the size of your house, level of insulation, and windows. A good contractor will inspect your duct system (if applicable) for air leaks and insulation and measure airflow to make sure it meets manufacturers specifications.

– Get written, itemized estimates — When comparing contractors’ proposals (bids), be sure to compare cost, energy efficiency and warranties. A lowest price may not be the best deal if it’s not the most efficient because your energy costs will be higher.

– Get it in ink — Sign a written proposal with a contractor before work gets started. It’ll protect you by specifying project costs, model numbers, job schedule and warranty information.

– Pass it on — Tell friends and family about ENERGY STAR. Almost one-quarter of households knowingly purchased at least one qualified product last year, and 71% of those consumers say they would recommend ENERGY STAR to a friend. Spread the word, and we can all make a big difference.

– Don’t Assume The Lowest Price Company Is The One You Should Hire. While price matters, don’t let the initial price be the only consideration when choosing a heating and cooling contractor. As with most things in life, price is usually an indication of quality. And high quality is essential for a new heating and cooling system. The long term costs to own it usually far exceed the initial cost to buy it. Another concern is that the low price you see advertised or are quoted may not be the price you end up paying. Some contractors offer an unrealistically low price to get the job and then pressure you into paying a lot more after starting.

If you want to get the best value for your money, solve existing discomfort or dust problems, fix repairs and prevent them, or end up with a new comfort system you’ll be proud to own and enjoy for many years to come, take the time to identify one of the few contractors who can really put your new system in right. This is a unique opportunity. Don’t waste it.air-conditioning by Cool Touch

And always remember Cool Touch is one of the highest rated HVAC contractors in Phoenix AZ. We have a solid reputation and our customers always do repeat business with us. If you have any questions please visit our website

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Find an A/C Installation Expert Using These Tips

Monday, April 14th, 2014

You don’t want your A/C and heating units installed by just anyone. Look for local HVAC companies who have been in the business for years. Companies who have been around for multiple years or generations have built a reputation for quality service. Hiring an HVAC contractor with experience is a must.

Cool Touch A/C TechnicianWith today’s sophisticated heating and cooling systems, you want to make sure to find an HVAC company that is licensed, bonded, and insured. This will confirm that the contractor is competent, skilled, and insured against any injuries on the job. Find NATE (North American Technician Excellence)-certified companies who specialize in superior installation and maintenance. Look for only factory-trained, certified technicians to install your air conditioning system.

Choose a company who offers a broad range of services; this means they have more areas of expertise and can help with unforeseen problems. Also find out if they provide integration options for an HVAC system you may already have.

  • Do they provide residential services? Find a company whose friendly, certified technicians will come to your home to replace, install, integrate, and repair your air conditioning system. Be wary of companies who use “after hours” rates or weekend rates.
  • How about commercial services? You want to find a reliable company who can help you run your business smoothly during a system failure. Refer to past work they’ve done with other businesses.
  • During peak times of summer heat, air conditioning failure can become an emergency situation. Find a company who offers 24-hour service to better serve you. Clients like you who may need emergency service during non-business hours are crucial to any reputable HVAC company.

    Dependable HVAC companies will have many locations throughout Arizona to make themselves more accessible to you. Companies who also offer same day service make a huge difference compared to others. In emergency situations, accessibility to different locations is critical.

    Professional HVAC ServicesThe HVAC industry is extremely competitive and most companies will promise you the lowest prices around. However, take into account the type and quality of services they offer against their prices. Choose someone who offers high quality service at a reasonable price. More importantly, make sure you’re provided a written quotation or contract prior to and after your project is completed.

    If you have any questions our professional technicians and staff members are here to help in any way we can. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers. We’ll provide honest, educated answers to all of your questions no matter how big or small they are. Call Cool Touch today 623-584-3762.

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    How Dirty Ducts Affect Your Homes Air Quality

    Saturday, February 15th, 2014

    Modern gas furnaces depend on a system of ducts to distribute hot air throughout your home. Over time, dust and debris can easily build up inside those ducts. We live in a very dusty part of the country here in Phoenix, and over time that can create severe problems with the quality of your indoor air.  Dirty ducts can affect your furnace’s ability to heat the household, making it work harder to do its job.   If you need duct cleaning in Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear, Tempe, Chandler or Scottsdale, give Cool Touch a call today.

    dirty air ducts

    dirty air ducts

    First, air flow through the ducts can be restricted if the build-up gets high enough. Reduced air flow means that the heated air isn’t circulated through your home as quickly as it could be, slowing the heating process and forcing your system to work harder to get to the temperatures you need it to be. That means higher monthly heating bills as well as increased wear and tear on the components.

    Dirty air ducts can also lead to clogged air filters, which can cause your heating system to heat less effectively. Really dirty filters can restrict air flow so much your furnace will shut down to prevent overheating! If you have to change your furnace filters often because they keep getting clogged, its a good sign you need your ducts cleaned.

    Furthermore, dust and dirt can lead to poor air quality. This can worsen allergies and increase irritation to the nose and throat, which you certainly don’t want to have to make any unnecessary trips to the doctors.

    before and after air duct cleaning

    before and after air duct cleaning

    The good news is that you don’t have to live with the problem. Once you know how dirty ducts affect your home’s heating, you can take steps to correct it. Here in Phoenix and the West & East valley, duct cleaning services are provided by the professionals at Cool Touch A/C and Heating. We’ll get the dust out of your duct system and set up a maintenance schedule to help keep your heating system free of dust going forward. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did! 623-584-3762

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    Differences Between Furnaces & Heat Pumps

    Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

    From the point-of-view of a person standing in a room where a vent is sending out warm air, there seems to be little difference between a heat pump and a furnace. The end result is the same: heated air. The two units, wherever they are housed, may make different sounds, but otherwise nothing else is.

    There is an illusion however, that almost all furnaces and heat pumps are vastly different devices that operate on separate principles. We’ll go into a bit more details about the differences between the two comfort systems. We hope this will help you if you’re trying to make a choice between the two for your home. But to make a final decision, you should have expert guidance: Cool Touch Air & Heating. Our experience will help you decide if a furnace or heat pump is right for you.

    Furnaces create heat and then transfer it to the air. In a general sense, they are similar to ovens in which they heat up the air using their fuel source. Most furnaces either use electricity or natural gas to create this heat. The heat is transferred to the air, and then fans blow that air into the ducts that send it through your home. Natural gas furnaces have to vent away the exhaust from combustion. All this occurs inside a single indoor cabinet.

    Heat pumps do not create heat at all, however, they move heat from one place to another, using separate units: one indoors and one outdoors. The outdoor unit draws heat from the air, then transfers it indoors using refrigerant. The inside unit then releases the heat to the indoors, which blowers send through vents. Heat pumps use electrical power to run and do not create any emissions from burning fuel.

    Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is that the heat pump can also serve as an air conditioner: if it reverses the direction of heat exchange, drawing heat from indoors and putting it outdoors, it will cool down the inside of a home. Furnaces will only heat, heat pumps can heat and cool.

    They sound a bit too good to be true, don’t they? But heat pumps are not ideal for every home or every climate. Sometimes they have trouble providing enough heat, something at which furnaces excel. However, the easiest way to know which system will work the best for you is to consult with experts, such as those at Cool Touch Air and Heating (623-584-3762). Our specialists are devoted to bringing you the best comfort they can, and they’ll help you decide which one is best for your Phoenix, AZ home.


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    Heating System Maintenance & Repair Can Prevent House Fires

    Sunday, January 26th, 2014

    As temperatures stay cool in the evenings and mornings here in Phoenix, many homeowners find themselves turning up the thermostat before heading to bed. Before February hits, have Cool Touch come out to your home to look at your heating system. If any heating repairs need to be performed, we’ll be sure and take care of it as this simple action may save your life and your home this winter.

    The Leading Cause of House Fires

    The U.S. Fire Administration reports that heating is one of the top causes of house fires nationwide, especially during the winter months. In order to keep themselves and their homes warm, many people use a variety of devices, such as fireplaces, home heating systems, and space heaters that could potentially cause a detrimental house fire, injuries, and even death.

    You can easily reduce this high risk by having heating repair done on your heater before you start using it regularly and taking other protective measures. For example, if you choose to use a space heater, never leave your home with it turned on, and keep it at least three feet away from anything flammable. Space heaters cause approximately 90,000 house fires each year so be careful with these devices and use other heating methods with care.

    You should also have your ducts inspected to make sure debris, lint and large quantities of dust aren’t clogged up in them. Having debris and lint clogged in your household ducts could be an easy way for a fire to start.

    When looking at your heating system, make sure the flame is blue, a yellow flame may be a sign that the burner could be out of adjustment.

    If your home has a fireplace have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually for creosote build-up and cracks in the mortar or chimney flues. Do not exceed the fuel capacity of your fireplace.

    Protect Your Home and Your Safety

    Don’t go any longer without having heating repairs done by us at Cool TouchContact us at 623-584-3762 to schedule heating maintenance and repair, serving the entire valley to protect the safety of your home and your loved ones this winter.


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    Common Issues with Gas Furnaces

    Thursday, January 16th, 2014

    Gas furnaces do not pose a large safety risk. Although they use a gas that is combustible and potentially toxic to inhale, modern gas furnaces are constructed with safety features. If a homes gas furnace receives regular maintenance and any necessary repairs, it should pose no danger to you or your family.

    When a gas furnace does run into problems, it’s important that you have the issues fixed as soon as you can and make sure that only professionals work on the repairs. Gas furnace problems can lead to a potential full breakdown as well as the hazard of carbon monoxide leaks. Stay safe with prompt work from an experienced company like Alaskan Home Services for your furnace repairs in Phoenix, AZ.

    Some common troubles with gas furnaces

    • Dirty burner: The burner is the place in a gas furnace where the jets ignite that create the combustion gas used to raise the temperature of the air. A build-up of dirt and grime along the burner, or the development of rust, will restrict the oxygen available to the jets and make it more and more difficult for them to ignite. If your furnace uses a pilot light, a clogged burner could also cause it to go out. The burner will need to be removed and cleaned, and for this you will require professionals.
    • Failed thermocouple/mercury sensor: Depending on the age of your furnace, you will either have a thermocouple or a mercury sensor registering whether the pilot light is lit. If the pilot light goes out, the thermocouple or sensor will automatically shut of the gas supply so carbon monoxide will not flood the combustion chamber and potentially cause a danger of explosion. Thermocouples will need occasional replacement and sensors repaired, so make sure you schedule regular maintenance to catch these needs.
    • Cracked heat exchangers: The heat exchanger transfers the heat from the combustion gas to the air. If a heat exchanger develops cracks—usually because of corrosion weakening the metal—then it can lead to exhaust gases leaking into the cabinet or into your living spaces. If you suspect a heat exchanger problem (usually signaled by a loud clicking sound right before the blower fan stars up), then you need to shut off the gas supply to the furnace and call for repairs.

    Use only professionals to solve these problems

    Gas furnace repair is risky for amateurs to perform, and in some local codes it may be illegal for anyone who isn’t licensed to work on an appliance connected to a gas line. Don’t risk damaging your furnace or hurting yourself, let the pro’s at Cool Touch maintenance or repair your household furnace. Call us today 623-584-3762

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    Why a Little More Humidity in Your Home Can Help

    Sunday, January 5th, 2014

    If your throat feels a bit dry or your skin feels itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable, it may have a lot to do with your indoor air – or what’s missing from it. Efforts to keep your home warm throughout the winter months may also remove much of the water vapor present in your home’s indoor air, effectively drying it out. Heavy use of your furnace can cause your home’s humidity to fall well below the 40 to 50 percent threshold needed to maintain a comfortable environment.

    Home Air Quality

    Home Air Quality

    While too much moisture in your home can be a bad thing, the same goes for having too little moisture in your indoor air. A low-humidity environment not only causes dry and itchy skin, but it can also make you more susceptible to infections, as well as viruses that cause colds and flu.

    Woodwork, hardwood flooring and walls can also crack, warp and shrink due to the lack of moisture in the air. The dry air also can cause an increase in static electricity, putting your electronics in danger, as well as giving you a nasty shock now and again.

    Restoring your home’s humidity levels is simply a matter of adding more moisture to the air. Although everyday activities such as showering and cooking create additional moisture, installing a whole-house humidifier to your heating and cooling system is one of the best ways of managing your home’s relative humidity.

    A whole-house humidifier accurately provides balanced indoor relative humidity levels based on outside temperature and indoor, allowing for just the right amount of moisture in the air for improved indoor air quality. These systems require only minimal maintenance and are relatively inexpensive to operate. If you just want to control moisture levels in a single room, a portable room humidifier is also up to the task.

    For more tips on how you can improve your homes indoor air quality please visit or call us 623-584-3762.

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    Capitalize on the Efficiency of Your Home’s Energy

    Monday, December 16th, 2013

    Imagine your home as a giant storage space with connected ducts, which are highly effective tools for accomplishing consistent energy efficiency.  Just as a business is only as strong as their employees, no overall energy system is more efficient than its most inefficient component.

    Your home comfort system comprises about half of the full amount of your total residential energy usage.  It’s only logical and quite obvious that maximizing energy efficiency must also begin at the biggest source of waste – HVAC.

    Below is a basic overview of the best ways to harmonize all systems in order to optimize overall energy efficiency.

    Peak energy efficiency cannot possibly exist where inner air constantly seeps outside.  As long as warm air can escape during colder weather and enter throughout sizzling summers, your heating/air conditioning equipment must work overtime to compensate in order to maintain programmed interior temperatures.

    Take a long stroll through the inside and outside of your house at least once a year to look for potentially air leaks, such as:

    – Worn/damaged weather stripping around windows and door casings

    –  Gaps between windows and/or doors and surrounding framework

    – Cracking or gaps between exterior siding and underlying foundation

    – Open spaces around holes bored into walls to provide entry points for pipes or wiring

    Replace  Insulation

    Insulation is designed to decrease heat entrapped within interior wall spaces.  Verify whether existing insulation complies with current Zone 1 and Zone 2 R-value specifications.  Start in the attic and work your way down into smaller areas and exterior wall insulation.

    Duct Work

    Schedule a professional duct inspection to ensure sufficient insulation, sealing, and absence of any blockage in your duct work. Cool Touch specializes in duct testing and will run a thorough test to determine where leaks and blocks may be coming from.

    HVAC Machinery

    If your HVAC system was installed more than fifteen years ago or requires excessive repair, consider replacing it.  Consider switching to an energy star unit and are easily identifiable by a bright yellow sticker on the side.  A large black number printed on its surface reveals the relative energy efficiency of the equipment it is attached to.   That number is far more important than the digits displayed on the price tag.

    Cool Touch has been serving the valley for almost 10 years. We have a very strong reputation and have a team of professional technicians that will assist with any heating or cooling issue. Call us today to schedule an appointment 623-584-3762

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    Leaky Duct Tests Are a Waste of Money

    Monday, December 9th, 2013

    Ducts carry air from the central heater or air conditioner to each part of the home and back again. In a typical house, up to 33% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost because of leaks or improper installation. Fixing duct leaks can save you $200 or more in annual energy costs and improve the comfort of your home.

    “Typical duct systems lose 25 to 40 percent of the heating or cooling energy put out by the central furnace, heat pump or air handler. Duct repairs could be the most important energy improvement measure you can do” –US Department of Energy Consumer Reports

    Household Duct Tests

    Household Duct Tests

    “The ducts that are part of central heating and cooling systems are the best opportunities to increase your energy and your comfort. Studies indicate that up to 30% of the heated or cooled air is lost along with the money spent to heat or cool that air through leaky ducts.” – Pacific Gas and Electric Utility



    If you are like most homeowners, as long as you’re cooling and heating system is keeping you comfortable, you usually don’t give it much thought. But what you don’t see could be costing you a lot of money each year. Most duct systems are installed in attics or building cavities where they are rarely seen or inspected. They may have been poorly sealed when installed, fittings may have come loose, and duct runs may have become disconnected. All of this leads to a lot of lost air!

    “Studies have shown that an average duct system loses 10 to 40 percent of the cool air through gaps in the duct joints. While sealing the ducts is a common practice now, few homes have had this done.”- Readers Digest Family Handyman Magazine

    “For an average home, leaky ducts can waste hundreds of dollars each year. Duct leakage also lowers the heating and cooling capacity and can lessen equipment life.” – Southface Energy Institute

    The results of a recent utility company study on duct leakage found:

    • Up to 33% of a heating/cooling system’s airflow could be leaking through the ducts, causing a loss of comfort and cooling capacity.
    • The impact is most severe in ducts installed in attics where temperatures can exceed 140 degrees in the summer.
    • On average, almost 15 percent of cooling energy is wasted due to duct leakage.
    • While there will always be some duct leakage, homes with properly sealed ducts can often have leakage reduced from 3 to 5 percent.
    Duct Air Flow

    Duct Air Flow

    “We have done a lot of work in looking at how ducts impact air conditioning systems. Typically a leaky duct system can lose 20% to 40% of the energy you pay for to heat and cool your house,” – Dr, Max Sherman, Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

    Does your home need to be tested? Here’s a few questions that if you answer yes to, you should probably have the test performed.

    Does your furniture seem to get dusty within a few days after house cleaning?

    Are any areas in your home colder in the winter?

    Are any areas in your home hotter in the Summer?

    Do you ever feel uncomfortable even though the A/C is on? ( wake up sweating or clammy feeling)

    Does your system ever run non-stop and still not keep you comfortable?

    Does your house ever smell musty or unpleseant?

    Does anyone in your home :

    Ever go to bed with a clear head and wake up stuffy the next morning?

    Get frequent headaches, flu like symptoms, or feel tired all the time?

    Have asthma, or allergies to dust, pollen or molds?

    If any of these symptoms are experienced by any of your family members or you would like to see if a duct test will save you money in energy costs, then call Cool Touch today and schedule your test. 623-584-3762.




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