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HVAC Contractors
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Your AC Unit’s Condenser Coil

What is a condenser coil? It’s basically one of many types of heat exchangers, and the primary purpose of a heat exchanger is to effectively transfer heat between two mediums. Your AC unit has a condenser coil within it, which has a snake like shape to it. In a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, water, steam, or a chemical refrigerant is used. The liquid is cooled by the chiller, then circulated through the system. The condensing coil is where the liquid mixture changes from liquid to gas. This compressed, cooled gas is then pushed through the ventilation system.

In the vapor-compression and refrigeration cycle, the condenser coil is the evaporator. This process is repeated to continually supply the building with cooled air. It is important to note that most condenser units are self-maintaining. However, over time, the unit may break down, causing a reduction in efficiency that may require the complete replacement in time.

It is very important to replace the condenser coil with the corresponding unit to avoid any damage to the air conditioning unit. Keep in mind it is best to hire a professional HVAC contractor to replace the coil on your unit. This is often required to maintain the warranty and to avoid any damage to the very expensive unit. The first sign that there may be a problem with the condenser coil is when the temperature of the cooled air is warmer than the thermostat setting.

Check the amount of refrigerant available in the system to make sure there is enough coolant. If the coolant level is OK, but the air is not cool enough, then think about replacing the condenser coil. In many areas, there are restrictions on the disposal of old condenser coils. Take the time to review the local guidelines to ensure the old unit is taken to the proper disposal center.

If you feel that it’s time to check your AC unit or the parts within it, or if home’s air is feeling warmer than what the thermostat reading states, please give us a call as we can send one of our trained professionals out to assess the potential problem. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a maintenance check.

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