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Why Is There Water Leaking From My AC?


When you listen to the sounds from your air conditioning system, you’ll periodically notice the sound of dripping water. This is normal. Your AC doesn’t use water to cool the air it sends into your house, but it does create water in the process of removing heat from the air. The AC has a special condensate system to remove this water from the unit to outside the house.

If you’re noticing water dripping from your AC, it’s probably because something has gone wrong with the condensate system. This isn’t a minor problem! You obviously don’t want water dripping around the air conditioner because it can create water damage, but a broken condensate system can cause the AC to stop working and may also lead to problems with corrosion and mold inside the HVAC system. In most cases, when you see water leaking from the AC cabinet, it’s time to call us for air conditioning repair in Glendale, AZ.

Reasons for These Water Leaks

Your air conditioner cools air by evaporating refrigerant along a coil. As the cold refrigerant evaporates, it draws heat from the air. The refrigerant later moves through an outdoor coil where it condenses to release the heat. As the heat enters the coil, water vapor in the air condenses along the coil’s surface. The water droplets drip off the coil and fall into a shallow pan beneath the coil assembly. A pump draws the water down a drain and through a line to the outside, where the water drips onto the ground.

Problems with the condensate system may lead to water escaping and dripping out of the AC cabinet. One of the most common causes of this is a blocked condensate drain. The damp environment inside the condensate system can allow algae to grow inside the drain and clog it. The shallow condensate pan will then rapidly overflow. The AC is designed to shut off when this happens: if you have a digital thermostat, you’ll see its screen go blank because the overflow will trip a limit switch. Professionals can clean out the drain to fix this problem.

The motor in the condensate pump can burn out, and this will stop moving water down the drain, also leading to the pan rapidly overflowing. Call repair experts to replace the pump. 

The dampness in the condensate pan can cause corrosion along the drain, leading to it becoming detached from the pan. Water will then fall right through the hole in the pan. The best solution to this is to have technicians replace the drain (and sometimes the pan). 

High levels of humidity in the air may also overwhelm the condensate system. This is rarely an issue in our extremely dry summers, however. But if the coil of the AC freezes because of other malfunctions, allowing the ice to melt may lead to water overflowing the pan. (This is one of the reasons we always recommend you leave defrosting a frozen evaporator coil to the experts.)

Call on Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for your AC repairs in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool.

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