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Why the Use of R-22 Refrigerant is Declining

Older air conditioning units that still use R-22 refrigerant can develop leaks that slowly attack the earths ozone layer. It results in the creation of a dangerous by-product that is harmful to the environment and for this reason we’re seeing it’s decline within it’s manufacturing and is not used in newer a/c units.

R-22 is considered a greenhouse gas and newer a/c units now use ozone-friendly refrigerants rather than the dangerous R-22 refrigerant. In January 2010 the United States issued an order that all new HVAC system manufacturers could not use R-22 in their new equipment. Unfortunately many consumers have been sold older R-22 units and were told that they could find the refrigerant online. When an air conditioning company offers you free Freon or a cheaper repair on an AC unit that runs with R-22 be wary and politely decline. R-22 is being phased out and you should take that into consideration when you consider repairing an existing a/c unit. Consider what the cost will be to continue to run an AC unit that uses R-22, because in most cases, it will be more cost effective to buy a newer unit than it will to continually run an older one on R-22.

The Clean Air Act will not allow refrigerant to be released into the atmosphere during installation, service, or retirement of air conditioning equipment. R-22 will need to be caught and recycled in order to be reused, reclaimed, or destroyed. If you need to dispose of your R-22, please contact an A/C professional who knows what they’re doing to make sure that you do not break any laws or harm the environment. If you have an older AC unit and want to upgrade but have price concerns, consider the price of continual R-22 purchases versus a newer unit. Upgrading to a newer unit will come with less headaches and won’t require you to use cooling agents that carry rising costs due to the decline in their usage. Also, many A/C contractors offer financing options on new air conditioning units so you don’t have to worry about the cost all at once. And if they don’t offer financing, they will have other options that work with your budget in order to make it more convenient for you.

If you have any questions regarding your Phoenix air conditioner, or would like to determine whether it’s time to repair or replace your unit, please call the experts at Cool Touch. We will help you determine which option makes most sense for you. Cool Touch 623-584-3762!

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