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HVAC Contractors
in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area


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Why A/C Tune Ups Decrease Air Conditioner Repairs

As a desert community, Phoenix routinely bakes under the summer sun, and an air conditioning unit is far more necessity than luxury when the temperature rises. An AC tune-up can minimize AC repairs, keeping your system functioning at the height of a heat wave and ensuring that you never have to go without a cool comfortable environment.

Many air conditioning problems can be traced to comparatively small sources, sources that can be spotted and eliminated with regular maintenance. For example, dust build up on the blower or other key components can affect the flow of air, as can blockage within the system. If there are cracks or leaks in the ductwork, they can leach cool air out, reducing the effectiveness of your unit. In cases where refrigerant has leaked out, you’ll notice the AC working harder to cool your house, and ice may appear on the evaporator coil and/or refrigerant suction line.

All of these can affect both the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and the cost to run it. Dust, wear and tear, and routine problems force your system to work harder, which takes more energy and raises your monthly bills. If left unattended, those small problems have a way of becoming larger ones, resulting in big servicing bills and perhaps even a loss of your air conditioner until it can be fixed.

You can help prevent this by regularly changing your AC filters and keeping the outside of your unit clear of leaves and debris. You can also contact a certified air conditioning service to perform periodic maintenance on the unit. They can spot large problems while they’re still comparatively small, as well as cleaning dirty components and recharging refrigerant if necessary. Those little steps can translate into big savings, avoiding repair bills and keeping your air conditioning unit up and running throughout the year.

With many years of experience, and being rated as an A+ member of the Phoenix BBB, Cool Touch is the name to trust with your AC repair in Phoenix, AZ. We service the entire Phoenix area and can minimize AC repairs so you don’t have to worry when the temperature starts to climb. Contact us today and set up a consultation. 623-584-3762

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