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HVAC Contractors
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When the A/C Unit Blows Warm Air or Sounds Strange

In Phoenix Arizona the summer days feel like an oven. Literally, you feel like you just walked into one of those big pizza ovens all the mom and pop pizza shops have across town. The sun is so direct out here and very powerful that anything exposed to sun light all day can take a serious beating.

You air conditioning unit is no different than anything else sitting out in the sun. Wear and tear on your cooling system can start to take place and before you know it, Wham, your system has started showing signs of trouble.

Follow these tips to prevent air conditioning system breakdown.

To keep your home comfortable you need your air conditioning running at it’s best!

What to do if you find that you air conditioning unit is making loud noises?

– This could be caused by a low refrigerant charge. A dirty air filter of evaporator coil or undersized duct work.

– This could be an indication of an impending system failure!

– Shut off your system immediately to avoid more serious problems!

– Your air conditioning system should be checked and diagnosed by a professional technician at Cool Touch!

What to do if you find that you air conditioning unit is blowing warm air?

– This could be caused by many factors ranging from a refrigerant leak to a mechanical or electrical problem.

– There’s a good chance that your condenser is simply dirty. If cleaning the condenser unit doesn’t solve your problem, then you likely need to have your refrigerant recharged. This is something best left to a professional.

– Often, a simple human error in the AC settings could be the reason for a hot air blowout. You might have flicked the selector switch to “heat” instead of putting it on “cool”. If such is the case, the heat mode sets on and you automatically receive warm air from the AC. All you need to do is to switch it back to “cool” mode again to resume proper functioning.

Below is a video with basic air conditioning maintenance steps. This outlines the basics in keeping your cooling system running efficiently and should be used to give you a better idea and understanding of your unit. In Phoenix AZ, an A/C system generally needs a thorough check up due to all the dust and debris we have out here that could get into your system. Never try to perform professional maintenance to your system if you haven’t been trained to do so. Leaving that for a certified technician at Cool Touch is the safer way to go.

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