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HVAC Contractors
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What You Can Do If Your AC Stops Working


A failed air conditioning system is a problem during the summer almost anywhere. In Arizona it can be a serious emergency. You don’t want to have busted central AC in your home when the temperature outside is over 100°F.

We’re not yet at the blazing hot summer days, but now is a good time to give you some helpful information on what you can do when your AC suddenly stops cooling your house. If you need professionals to fix the AC, you can depend on our team for fast AC repairs in Glendale, AZ and throughout the Phoenix Metro Area. 

Simple Checks You Can Make

When the AC stops working, you may not have a serious problem on your hands. Sometimes the explanation is simple and all it takes is a few steps to get your home cooling back again.

First, make sure the power for the house hasn’t gone out. In broad daylight, you may miss the power has gone out to the entire building. 

Second, check the thermostat settings. We know this sounds obvious, but with modern thermostats, people can often put in mistaken settings that will cause the AC to shut off when it shouldn’t. Someone else may have changed the settings without you knowing it. If the fan is running but you’re getting no cooling, see if the AC has been switched to “fan-only” mode. 

Now go to the circuit breaker panel for your home and check if any breakers have tripped. (This is when it’s extremely helpful to have the breakers labeled.) If the breaker to the AC has tripped, reset and try the air conditioner again. If the AC trips the breaker soon after, then there’s an electrical issue with the system and it will need to have repairs. Don’t try to keep running it. 

Find the air filter on the HVAC cabinet and see if it’s clogged. A clogged filter can cause the air conditioner to shut down. Put in a clean filter to see if this fixes the problem.

When None of This Works… 

Okay, it looks like you have a broken air conditioner. Please don’t open the cabinet and see if there’s anything you can fix on your own. You probably won’t be able to make any repairs and you may void the warranty with amateur tinkering. Call our technicians—we offer 24/7 emergency service, and we know that a busted AC can be an emergency. 

In the meanwhile, you’ll need to find ways to stay cool. Close shutters and drapes over windows receiving sun to keep out radiant heat. Turn off all the lights and avoid using appliances or doing any cooking. Drink plenty of cool drinks. Use any fans you have in the house. Get into a lukewarm or even cold shower. You can make a quick “evaporative cooler” by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan and sitting in the cool breeze coming from it. Another evaporative cooler solution is to wet down towels and hang them over windows. Don’t worry—we’ll be there soon!

Call Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for fast AC service in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Kick back and relax … we’ll keep you cool.

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