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HVAC Contractors
in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

HVAC Contractors
in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area


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What Do You Need in a Commercial HVAC Company?


When you choose an HVAC service for your commercial needs, you’ll find that a lot of HVAC companies do offer commercial services. But you don’t want an HVAC company that just offers—you need one that truly understands the needs of businesses and commercial building owners.

How can they prove this? By providing any number of services and perks that truly make the difference for commercial needs. In this post, we’ll go over just a few things that you need from a commercial HVAC company.

24/7 Emergency Services

Before adding an HVAC service to your contact list, you’ll want to make sure they provide emergency services at all times of the year. In the home, you might be willing to suffer while you wait for the HVAC repairman.

But in the commercial sector, especially in Arizona, here’s the fact of the matter: all HVAC breakdowns are an emergency.

We’re not just being dramatic. At best, you’ll have some annoyed and uncomfortable employees. At worst, you can have people leaving early and computers overheating, thus halting your workflow and lowering productivity.

A 24/7 emergency HVAC company is your 911 for HVAC related problems, and a good one will treat it as such. Plus, 24/7 convenience opens a whole new window to schedule repairs outside of business hours. A proper expert of commercial HVAC in Avondale, AZ understands that emergencies can happen at any time.

Commercial Experience, Not Just “General HVAC Knowledge”

If you need to make replacements or other adjustments, you need an HVAC company that understands the needs of businesses, not just homes. HVAC installation for commercial buildings requires different budgets, different equipment, and different planning.

Commercial properties range from buildings of several stories to small boutiques. An HVAC contractor that specializes in the commercial sector won’t just have a range of options for you, they’ll know which types of systems and units will work best for your individual business needs.

Another factor that an HVAC contractor can help you figure out are solutions for your indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ is another thing that you don’t think is so important until you consider it in a commercial setting. Poor indoor air quality can seriously diminish the health and performance of your employees (and in the cases of humidity, can even degrade your property!).

Offers a Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is essential to keeping your HVAC on the path to good performance. Proper maintenance isn’t about quantity as much as it is about consistency; regular and thorough maintenance is critical. Business owners should be looking at maintenance plans as a necessary business expense, not just a luxury.

Many HVAC companies offer maintenance plans, but not all of them offer the same perks and incentives. A good maintenance plan will include specials like:

  • Priority service: When things go bad, you’ll be at the top of their priorities.
  • Discounts: A good plan will offer special deals for any services needed outside the maintenance schedule.
  • No overtime charges: You can’t always anticipate how long a job is going to take or when you’re going to need it done.

Contact Cool Touch today for unbeatable commercial HVAC services. Kick back and relax, we’ll keep you cool.

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