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HVAC Contractors
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Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool During the Phoenix Heat

Cool Touch specializes in AC repair and installations in Phoenix,AZ. With the extreme summer heat here in Phoenix, we wanted to offer some useful tips on keeping your house as cool as possible for the summer. These tips will not only help cool your home, but may help in lowering your electric costs too.

Phoenix AZ Home Cooling Tips:

1) Shade your east and west windows. This will help reduce the cooling load and is a cost-effective energy conservation measure.

2) Delay using heat generating appliances, such as washer and dryer, your dishwasher, until the evenings.

3) Use ceiling fans to keep your inside room temperatures cooler which will allow you to increase your thermostat a little higher, between 74-77 degrees. During our desert heat, some homes keep their thermostats at a constant 72-70 degrees. By using your ceiling fans more often, this can help with reducing energy costs.

4) Outdoor Landscaping – Plant trees around the home that will eventually generate shade.

5) If you have an older central air conditioner, please consider replacing the outdoor compressor with a modern, high efficiency unit. Be sure to properly match your outdoor one with your indoor unit.

6) Be sure when buying a new AC unit it’s the proper size for your home. You can contact Cool Touch and our trained experts will help you determine the proper size for your home.

7) Buy a high efficiency AC Unit for your home. Make sure the energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating is above 10. For central air conditioners, make sure the seasonal energy ratio (SEER) is above 12.

8) Maintain your AC unit to make sure it’s working properly and prevents any break downs during the summer.

9) Awning installations on the south facing windows of your home.

10) Place tightly woven screens or bamboo shades outside your windows during the summer to stop 60-80% of the sun’s heat.

11) Provide shade for your AC unit as this will increase it’s effiency by 5-10%.

12) Reduce your air conditioner’s work load when you’ll be away from the home for more than an hour. Turn the thermostat up a bit.

Use these tips during the Arizona summers and it will help cool your home more effectively while reducing your energy costs. If you have any question or concerns the Cool Touch staff is always here to help. Call us 623-584-3762

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