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The Tilted AC Condenser: Why You Want It Kept Even


If we told you the foundation of your house was starting to sink into the ground, you’d feel a bit … concerned. What if we told you the concrete foundation slab of your air conditioner’s condenser was starting to sink on one side? You probably wouldn’t feel as much concern. You might shrug and think it’s not that big of a deal. The AC isn’t going to really sink into the ground, after all.

Well, probably not sink completely. But if even part of the condenser’s slab settles down into the earth, it will make the condenser sit unevenly on the ground, and this is a serious problem that can jeopardize the operation of the AC and lead to an early system replacement.

If you look at the outside condenser (we’ll wait for you to go check on it!) and it looks uneven, we recommend you call on HVAC professionals for air conditioning repair in Tempe, AZ. The problem can only get worse, and the sooner you have it corrected, the more likely you’ll avoid the troubles that a tilted AC cabinet can cause… 

A burnt-out compressor

Here’s a quick reminder of what’s inside the condenser so you can sense what’s at stake: the compressor, the exhaust fan, the condenser coil, the refrigerant lines. These parts are designed to operate while level, and none more so than the compressor. 

The compressor is the heart of how an AC operates. If it burns out, it usually requires replacing the entire air conditioner. A compressor placed at a tilt is at a high risk of burning out because it causes poor distribution of oil through the unit. If the oil isn’t level in the compressor, it will cause motor parts to grind and eventually overheat. 

Mold and rust

The condenser is exposed to the outdoor elements, and that means water often gets inside it. When the condenser is level, water easily drains out and not start to pool. A tilted condenser, on the other hand, will begin to collect stagnant water. This will lead to rust and mold inside the unit, and both can quickly lead to ruining it. 

Increased strain

The condenser vibrates as it runs because of the power of the motors driving the compressor and the fans. This vibration increases if the condenser is tilted, and this will lead to more stress and wear on the components. The fan can suffer damage, the refrigerant lines can shake loose and start to leak, the motors will run down faster, and the vibrations will make the condenser slab sink further. All this adds up to a shorter service life for the air conditioner. 

You cannot fix an uneven condenser cabinet on your own by trying to prop it up, and it’s not a job to trust to an amateur either. It takes professionals to inspect the condenser, see how to make it level again, and find out if it has damage that needs repairs. Don’t let an uneven condenser throw off your cooling!

Call on Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for all your AC repair needs. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool.

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