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HVAC Contractors
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Special Factors for Commercial Air Conditioner Repairs

Residential and commercial business use similar kinds of cooling systems, and although most are the same, they can have fundamental differences as well. These differences depend on the size of the workspace, type of AC unit, ventilation and budget for installation and maintenance. A commercial HVAC system lets your business control the climate of your work environment, in order to promote production, to make clients feel comfortable, and to keep sensitive materials in good condition. Whatever the reason, you need the guidance and expert skills of a commercial AC repair technician. One of our skilled technicians here at Cool Touch can help you!

If your commercial AC is no longer operating as quietly as it once did, or the cool air is not as cold as it once was, then it may need to be serviced, repaired, or even replaced all together.

In order to understand some of the factors involved in repairing your commercial air conditioning system, it’s necessary to take a look at some of the major differences between residential and commercial AC systems:

  • Size. In general, office and industrial spaces often require greater cooling capacity, especially if the business keeps long hours or requires 24-7 climate-control. Size therefore determines what types of AC units are being used in the space, which helps the repair team know what to look for.
  • Rooftop. Depending upon the application, commercial AC units are often placed on the roof of the building in order to be out of the way.  The placement of the condenser outdoor unit will often determine the approach of the repair specialist, and will inform him of the duct layout.
  • Controls. Depending on the size and the function of the AC, a commercial cooling system may come with a more complex set of controls than with a simple residential unit. It may involve multiple thermostats, zone-control and computer interfaces. More complex systems may be easier to diagnose because so much of the process is computerized, but determining problems in the mechanical systems may be more time-consuming due to the sheer quantity of components.

Don’t let your business and office space get too hot. Call a Phoenix commercial AC repair specialist at Cool Touch today.

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