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HVAC Contractors
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Some Special Advantages of Scheduling AC Maintenance


We declared February to be “Air Conditioning Maintenance Month.” In a place that gets as hot as Phoenix, February is the right time to get regular air conditioning maintenance in motion. 

But if you still haven’t scheduled your AC tune-up and inspection with our team, March is a great time as well. In fact, there isn’t such a thing as an “expiration date” for air conditioning maintenance; it just needs to be done every year. Still, the sooner you have it done, the more you’ll enjoy the benefits of it through the imminent hot weather.

AC Maintenance Pays You Back in Many Ways

When we last talked about maintenance, we focused on what can go wrong with an AC if it isn’t regularly maintained. We want to look at the sparkly bright positive side of maintenance today and explain how maintenance rewards you with many special advantages.

We don’t just mean the special perks we put into our own maintenance plan, the Ultimate Service Agreement (although those are pretty great, check ‘em out). We mean how getting quality maintenance from experts who know what they’re doing benefits you. 

Repairs? POW! Most of them will never happen!

We like to joke that doing maintenance actually cuts down on our regular volume of repair calls. The more people remember to schedule maintenance with us, the fewer AC repairs in Buckeye, AZ we’ll need to do. But we don’t mind, because keeping customers happy is what keeps our business going. 

The lowdown on repairs is that yearly maintenance stops the majority of them from happening and reduces the severity of the rest. As many as 85% of the repairs your AC system may need won’t happen thanks to maintenance. When repairs do crop up, we’ll catch them early and they’ll be less costly to fix.

Lower utility bills through the summer

You send a great deal of the electricity entering your home straight to the air conditioner. The compressor uses a powerful electric motor, which is why you see your electrical costs start to rise during hot weather. But maintenance can keep it from rising too much because of all the wear and tear the unit picks up. You can lower your monthly cooling costs by around 15% thanks to those annual maintenance check-ups.

Do you have a current warranty? Why yes you do!

An air conditioning system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a guarantee to protect you from faults in the air conditioner when it came out of the factory. Around 2% of ACs leave the factory with some type of flaw, so having consumer protection is important. If major components fail while still under warranty, which includes the vital compressor, you’re covered for the costs of the part. 

For the warranty to be valid, the AC 1) must be registered, 2) must be installed by licensed professionals, and 3) have regular maintenance. We imagine you already took care of the first two. Now all you have to do is keep up with the third, and you’ll have that warranty for a decade!

Schedule March Maintenance Today

If you’re not convinced you need maintenance, call us and we’ll not only convince you, we’ll help you schedule the service. It’s easy!

Call on Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool.”

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