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My Heat Pump Isn’t Working Right!


We are more than halfway through the summer season, and the temperature in most states keeps dropping each day. In such times, thinking about the systems that keep us warm is crucial. One such system is your heat pump. If you want to stay warm inside your home during the winter season, then you must keep your heat pump safe, operational, and energy-efficient.

There are a few different types of HVAC systems, and all of them employ different methods to heat your home during the winter. However, they all require regular maintenance to function properly.  By properly maintaining your heat pump, you can keep your home warm during the winter and extend the life of your system.

Importance of Maintaining Your Heat Pump

Replacing an HVAC system can be expensive. However, you can avoid this expense by getting your HVAC system tuned-up by a professional annually. An HVAC tune-up will increase the efficiency of your system and extend its life. It will also limit the need for heating and air conditioning repair in Surprise. If you’re considering an HVAC tune-up, then here are some tips that you might find useful.

Get the Heat Pumps Inspected and Maintained

Heat pumps have to work hard to keep your home warm during the winter and if they are not properly maintained, their job gets even harder. Unlike a furnace, heat pumps don’t generate heat. Instead, they move the heat around. For example, they move the warm air from outside into your home. Maintenance of heat pumps includes inspection of:

  • The motor’s voltage
  • The compressor
  • The system refrigerant

In addition to the above, we will inspect moving belts and parts and replace them if required.

Major Benefits of Routine Heat Pump Maintenance

There is no way to overstate just how important routine heat pump maintenance is. Remember, you depend on your heat pump to both heat and cool your home throughout the year. That means that your system is going to suffer a lot of wear and tear. 

A well-maintained heat pump is going to have an easier time heating and cooling your home. That means that it will use less energy in doing so, meaning that you’re getting a more efficient performance from your system. 

You’ll also enjoy improved reliability when your heat pump is tuned up regularly. The longer that your system goes without the maintenance that it needs, the more likely it becomes that your heat pump will suffer serious operational issues.

Finally, there is the matter of protecting warranties. Many homeowners fail to realize that warranties can be voided if the system is not serviced as intended. When you schedule regular maintenance with our team, you help to protect your system’s warranty so that you’re not on the hook for repairs that would otherwise be covered.

Join Our Maintenance Program

Did you know that routine maintenance doesn’t have to be inconvenient? Like, at all? It’s true! We can keep your system in great working condition, and we make it easy. Reach out today to learn more about all that our maintenance program has to offer.

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