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Is Your AC Acting Kooky?


Has your AC being acting weird off lately? Is it making strange noises? Or is it not cooling as you would expect it to? If you answered yes, then several things could be causing these problems. However, a problem area that often gets neglected when trying to find the fault with a malfunctioning AC is the air filter. Often, it is that air filter that is at fault.

A frequently overlooked part of an air conditioner, air filters are crucial for the efficient functioning of the AC. In addition to improving the home’s air quality by filtering out dust and pollen, air filters act as the first line of defense against the larger infiltrations such as the loose insulation bits that can enter the system and make it vulnerable to fire or damage.

How to Overcome the Problem of a Faulty Air Filter

You need to clean and change your AC system’s air filters on a timely basis to keep them working optimally. If you don’t do that, then the filters may turn against you. The reason many ACs fail is a clogged air filter. The following are some of the reasons maintaining/replacing your AC’s air filter is vital.

Make The Job Easy for your System’s Blower Fan

A dirty or clogged air filter makes it difficult for your AC’s blower fan to distribute air. The fan has to work harder to perform its job. When this happens, the fan consumes more energy, which leads to higher bills. Additionally, this causes the blower fan to wear quickly. Make sure that you change your air filters regularly to avoid the need for air conditioning repair in Sun City, AZ.

Your Living Areas Might Be Deprived of the Air They Need

If your AC’s air filters are clogged, then your system may find it difficult to move air, which in turn will deprive your living areas of the conditioned air they need. This makes for an uncomfortable home and can lead to long system run times, putting addded pressure on the fan motor. Clean air filters make it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures in all areas of your  home.

It May Lead to the System Overheating or Freezing Up

The AC may overheat or the coils might freeze up if the air filters make it difficult for the cooled air to exit the air conditioner. Not only can this increase energy bills, but it will prevent the AC from regulating the indoor temperature. So, if you don’t want your AC to overheat or freeze up, change the air filter on a timely basis.

It May Lead to Gathering of Moisture

By providing a space for moisture to gather, the air filter’s additional material promotes the growth of bacteria or mold. This affects the circulation of air and may even lead to more allergens and pollutants infiltrating the indoor air. And, when this happens, your entire HVAC system may be at risk. However, you can prevent the growth of bacteria and mold and the related problems by regularly maintaining/changing your AC’s air filters.

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